Music Game?

  • Do you think we would be allowed to have a music thread?

    I played a game on another board where one person would post a song, then the next person would take one (or more) words from that title to post the next song.

    I loved it, it played for over a year, and the music was awesome. Songs and artist that I have never heard of, or forgotten how much I enjoyed. Eventually, it got down to just me and one other person and we did it for months just us.

    Music defines my life. No matter what/where/when...somewhere a song says it perfectly.

    Any takers? I'll start a new thread.

  • Hi Rynna ,

    I dont see why not im up for it . It sounds like fun .

  • Good Morning.

    I'll put it up as Song Title Game, with an example, in case my instructions aren't clear.

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