The power of my numbers 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 .... lol

  • I was looking at numerology a few years ago , i do have a brain but as silly as it sounds , i didnt actually notice this pattern earlier

    These are the addresses i have lived in for the last 47 years

    6A Rickard Rd but after a few years the house number was changed to 204 Rickard Rd

    4 Short St

    4 Gwydir St

    4 Bolton St

    4 Hamden pde

    4 Garling St

    4 Rona Ave

    4 Francis Ave

    157 Fowlds ( didnt end well )

    62 St Andrews ( wasnt a good childhood )

    So , some of you may notice that 4 occurs with some frequency ........ hilarious huh 🙂

    I didnt intentionally choose those addresses either.

    I would like to ask opinions of people here if i may , i am looking to rent a factory unit for my business and i was attracted to number 8 in the street i like but there are 9 factory unit numbers to choose from.

    Can anyone suggest either a lucky street number if number 8 is inappropriate , or a unit number in the block of 9 in the number 8 street address ?

    My name number is 7 , life number is 9 , day number is 2

    My business is in metal ( engineering )

    any suggestions from you kind people for a successful business address ??

    Best Wishes to you all 🙂

  • Hello Persun,

    The number eight is a very good business number. Strong and independent and also a money number. I would say that any of the unit numbers that equal 8 would be a good business choice.


  • Hi,

    It is no coincidence that the same numbers follow us around.

    The number 4 seeks stability and financial security. It is strong, determined, and a hard worker when functioning at its best.

    Make sure to add all the numbers together when getting your house number.

    Since you have a name number of 7 (mind number), life number 9 (artistic), and day number 2(business) you will need an address that is a friend to all of these.

    While the number 8 is good and powerful, it will interfere with your life number 9 and name number 7. These are too spiritual for the 8.

    I would suggest another number 9 or a 3.

    3 not only brings friends to help you, happiness, but also brings you luck, and financial prosperity.

    Hope this helps!

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

  • yes markie mark

    the 7 , 9 , 2 do fit perfectly to my personality

    If i had street number 9 unit 3 or vice versa , these also add to 9 + 3 = 12 ..... 1 + 2 = 3 .. so i will look out for those do you think ?

    thankyou kindly and best wishes

  • Persun,


    Any address that adds up to a 3 or a 9 will benefit you the most.

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

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