WATERGIRL, I need your help please ?

  • First of all, I would like to say thank you for that last reading that you gave me about my finances.

    I admit, I knew that doing business with those offshore guys were a wee bit fishy. I am taking care

    of this matter as we speak and know that I have NOT made any investments in this company

    whatsoever, and there was a written agreement for sure. It was a free offer so I took advantage of it. Needless to say that it does not matter now. I am moving on to bigger and better things.

    There are brighter days ahead. I am in the process of making some more reasonable and substantial investments however in other business ventures for the year 2011. I was about

    to apply for this Tree planting job in my communty. I also am about to sign up to become

    a booking agent for this company in Las Vegas. It is about the hotel business. And I am

    taking up a class for medial billing specialist this fall.

    Here is my question Watergirl. I want to know am I going in the right direction as far as my

    present investments are concerned and are these the right career paths to take. Is this right

    for me ? My birthday is 12/19/76. I was born the year of the dragon. Location is US.

    If you are there, please give me a reading about my financial future for the rest of 2011.

    Please hurry. Thank you, I appreciate your cooperation. <

  • Hi Zaros,

    What's coming through is more about what you need to do rather than any of these specific jobs. Now is not the time to act on any of these jobs is what I am getting. You need clarity so you can make reasoned and thoughtful decisions. There is a large cloud of confusion swirling around you. First, quiet the panic or chaos you are feeling inside. Set aside time to be STILL. You have to find your calm, centered place so you can hear your inner voice. Let that voice guide you toward what your talents and gifts are, what you are good at and what will bring you joy. Basically, what it is you truly desire. This will build your confidence and give you a clear sense of direction. Once you have more clarity on what it is you truly aspire to, THEN move forward with a determination to succeed. When you are working toward a goal that is in alignment with your Higher Self, the path will normally open up to you. Sometimes obstacles need to be overcome, yes. But, when many obstacles are set in your way it can be a sign that you are headed in the wrong direction. Stay in touch with your gut - your inner voice - to help guide you through this. I am also getting that a big challenge for you right now is worrying about appearances - there is a drive for money rather than fulfillment and it feels like this is because you are concerned about what others think about you and your status. Be true to yourself and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!



    P.S. women find men who have a calm confidence about them and do not let others' opinions affect them extremely attractive!

  • Watergirl. I agree with your analysis. But this right now is a very important issue. You must

    pay bills and you do need money in this world to survive. I hope that you do understand

    this for sure. I want to know if I 'center' myself as you said, will this all change. <

  • Yes...you need to stay calm so you can focus. This is a common theme right now. You must discipline yourself to find that place of inner peace and harmony. When you operate out of fear and anxiety you will only attract negative things to you. It is about learning to operate from abundance....practice gratefulness for what you have and find joy in your day regardless of your circumstances. This will create an energy shift which will attract better things for you. This space will also allow you to hear your inner voice so you can make wise choices. If the tree planting or hotel room booking jobs are available to you right now and you need to pay bills then take one or both of them with the knowledge that they are only temporary. If the medical billing specialist is something you truly want to do then by all means take the course. But if you are just signing up for it out of desperation then take some time to reflect on it. You do need to enter things more carefully. Do your homework first to ensure that things are on the up and up so you don't end up sabotaging yourself. For instance, I feel like the Vegas hotel room booking job is a call center? How reputable is the company - how long have they been in business - how much business do they do annually? Call center jobs are rarely lucrative - or at least not nearly as lucrative as they claim when hiring - and difficult to enjoy...



  • Watergirl. I understand. I have done well before and will do so once again. The latter choices I have made are not out of desperation, but out of genuine interest. I know I will work with people as this is my calling in life. I am socialable by nature so this is not a problem. I am more confident about things than it seems here today. I have some of the best friends in the world

    and my family is supportive. I will take some well needed time to adjust to my current surroundings and listen to my inner voice. Things will look up eventually in the future.

    Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it very much.

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