WATERGIRL, I could really use your guidance please if possible!?!!!!

  • Hello

    I apologize i know you may be busy, but ive seen the great advice you have given and i was wondering if by any chance you could do a reading for me regarding my love life. I have some choices right now and i honestly am completely lost on what i need to do. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    My birthday is Oct 19, 1987

    My boyfriends birthday is May 17, 1988

    There is a second person in the equation and his birthday is March 1, 1988

    Any help on this would be so much appreciated like i said!


  • Hi Candycane,

    I will try to get to you later today or tonight...have lots of things to attend to today 🙂

  • No worries when ever is a good time for you! Thank you again

  • Hi Candycane,

    This reading was difficult for me - not sure if I'm just tired or if some of your confusion was coming through. Let me just share what I got and then I can share some other things with you after you reply...

    The cards show that you are in a period of deep thinking - reassessing your current relationship and contemplating the impact of this new person (who is coming through as not really new - is it someone from your past?) You are in the middle of a life lesson here - being given the opportunity to rise above habitual response patterns and/or self-defeating behavior (and this may be why I got the feeling of the other person being from your past). It feels like this other person is just bringing focus to a problem in your current relationship. You are not feeling fulfilled or "heard" in some way and/or you feel that your partner should be more loving or responsive to you which leaves you feeling lonely and even slightly abandoned. Sorry, I have to ask because it's coming through - do you have a habit of becoming emotionally needy and/or do you fear being alone or single? Insecurity is coming through.

    Sorry, but Spirit is not making this decision for you. The message is that you need to make the choice as this is part of the lesson, but don't forge ahead blindly...rise above the emotional limitations/insecurity that has crippled you in the past. There is also something coming through about thinking too much and not heeding your gut feelings/intuition.

    Let me know if this hit the mark at all 🙂



  • Wow thats amazing you hit that right on the head. I have been with my boyfriend for seven years we started dating back in highschool. We have been on one heck of a rollercoaster the past seven years as well. I feel that our relationship is still at the point it was in the past where things really arent moving forwards its just a standstill motion, and yes I do feel that i put a lot more energy into making this relationship work due to various reasons. He is a great guy I would consider him to be my "bestfriend," but i have been reassessing our relationship, because I finish up school next april and would eventually like us to start getting a lot more serious(hes still a lot in the we need to be going out all the time never has anytime for just us 2) and once im done school have my career figured out i would like to be more serious, but i dont feel like he is ready for that or will be ready for that for a long time maybe longer then i can wait.

    Then comes the other guy. I met him when i met my boyfriend i originally had a thing for this guy but due to various reasons i gave up that and choose to go forward with my current boyfriend. The other guy is my current boyfriends childhood friends and this guy has always ment a lot to me. My current boyfriend had betrayed our relationship at the begining and this guy was my rock to get through it. In the end tho he chose another girl and once again i choose to stay with my boyfriend. I recently had a falling out with this guys current girl friend and this falling out really effected me because i went with out talking to him for a long time and it killed me, but i decided it was best to cut him out for a little bit he showed he wasn't happy about my decision and ever since our friendship has started to get back on track, but the "old" feelings i had for him have come up again. which has put me in the spot im in now.

    So the fact that this is a life lesson i need to learn makes complete sense, because i can go back to the old way of dealing with things where i made mistakes. Or i can rise above go about things in the right away. The only thing is im torn between both of them because there both such great guys.

    This probably sounds completely crazy.

    Thanks so much for doing this 🙂

  • Hi watergirl!

    I was wondering if you had anymore guidance information for me about the the first reading you had done anything would help thankS!

  • Thanks so much for you guidance previously it was right on the mark... was just hoping you could add a little more if at all possible!

  • Hi - not ignoring you 🙂 I'll try to get back to you tomorrow.

  • Thanks so much 🙂

  • OK, this was all coming through as very confusing because most of the message is about needing to make a choice, but the "right" choice - a reasoned and thoughtful choice. There was also a strong suggestion to recognize that you have veered off course and to release the past, but technically they are both part of your past which added to the confusion. Putting aside the two men for a moment, what came through for you is that you are really focused on your future - wanting to make plans and get things solidified, but you are focusing too much on being in control at the moment and you need to stop trying to force issues as they will not turn out the way you plan. You need to relax and go with the flow as well as learn to listen to your inner voice (which is difficult to do when you are all up in your head and confused and your emotions are all in a jumble).

    That being said, I really feel that this friend of yours is just that - a loyal and trusted friend - and this will not turn out to be the great love affair you are hoping for. Is he still involved with someone else? Is he still friends with your current boyfriend? Has he relayed to you that he has feelings for you other than friendship? There are repercussions here that I'm not sure you have considered.

    With regard to the current boyfriend, you need to consider your feelings for him WITHOUT the factor of this friend of yours. Are things really as bad as you think they are or are you just considering leaving him because of this other guy? Or are you just impatient to move forward to the future and pushing too hard or too quickly? If you have truly outgrown him/each other, then it is time to move on, but not just because you think you will be able to fall into the arms of this other guy. I think that you might be in the midst of being guided to be on your own for a while, although your future cards did have a lot of Taurus/earth influence which is why I think you might remain with the current man (at least for the time being).

    Once again, this whole episode is part of your path - a life lesson - and it is part of your overall healing. Take some time with it and don't do anything impulsive as I fear you will regret it.



  • Thank you so much for the advice.

    I was just wondering one thing....You said i have veered off course....is that a bad thing?? or how have i done so?? ..

    thanks !

  • It just means they are trying to tell you you are headed in the wrong direction of what is best for you. All paths will eventually lead to the same place, but there is always a best option for you...the one that is the most evolved, the most inspiring, and resonates most strongly with your dreams and the vision of your Higher Self.

  • Watergirl:

    Thanks again!

    I guess my real question is how do i get back on track..... bc if i go along with what my dreams then this is where it is confusing.....

    I have always had pretty crazy dreams and a lot of them have eventually become reality.....I used to have constant dreams about my parents splitting up eventually they did... I also used to have dreams of my current boyfriend cheating and he eventually did....

    Now lately actually for the past six months i have been having constant dreams about the other... no negative dreams always very positive dreams...and thats why im SOOOOOO confussed!!!! an that is also why i am so confussed on how i have veered off the right path and into the wrong direction and how am i suppose to get back on track? ... its all pre

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  • i dont understand....

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