20 year Pisces ex messing up on second come back! Please help!

  • 20 years is a long time Mardepp. people do not change. circumstances do change... too bad you did not get to know him again and without the use of a computer/Skype. you can't have a relationship through Skype. no matter how many hard questions you had asked him, that is still not really spending time. a real relationship does not spend hours and hours on the computer. This happens time and time again, and so many women waste time with men that play mind games. men are really bad, I admit with telling the truth, they would rather lie to you to spare your hurt feelings, and the real truth? does not want to get yelled at either ::=) although sooner or later, he will have to fess up with is really going on. dump him, and go back home, and chalk this up to a mistake. better to admit it, than to try to stick around and fixing him won't work. most likely he has someone else he is playing with. he sounds like a piece of work. HF

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