Advice on this overwhelming anxiety latley

  • Pfree, its the strangest thing to have it if you don't know what it is yet right? I was on the ground too the first time I had one, and the second, but eventually with education of it I was able to calm myself down, and be brave somehow. I try to be brave mostly, because I'm not tolerating these meds for some reason.

  • Hi, i did post when i said about my sister yr ago now.

    I get a real tightens in upper chest and throat i think its some emotional trigger, wonder i get overwhelmed my unexpressed thoughts.

    I was thinking perhaps i ought to right in a diary when it happens and how i feeling that time, if there a pattern then i can finally understand why then deal with it somehow?

  • That might be very helpful scully, and to deal with it, start with affirmations to write down, they eventually get in our heads, eventually:)

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