Advice on this overwhelming anxiety latley

  • Bluecat123,

    You may need to see a nurtristionist. Do you eat a lot of sugar? Do u crave it? Sugar really does affect our NS and Metabolisim. EX: If I drink Pepsi or eat a piece of cake before I go to bed. Than I can count on having fear dreams. It took me a while to put this togeather , but now I understand . Food affects us too, Have you lost faith in goodness, and kindness and the God up above? Sometimes these things happen to reawaken us from long time what I call brain slumber, where we have not paid attention to messages our physical body needs, than Boom there is this happening and really wakes you up to your needs to be looked at on all levels.


  • Hi Shuabby, thanks for your reply! yes I do tend to lean toward sugar, I don't drink soda at all, just sugar in tea and coffee occasionally, and I drink water other then that, I use to be really bad though. I don't meat, except fish, and I love chocolate. Its been hard to give that up, and I do notice it can cause me problems sometimes. If drink pepsi, I have bladdr problems the rest of the day for instance. I haven't lost faith , in fact it keeps me going and keeps unbearable anxiety to a managable level so far, I'm at the point I'm working my way back and hoping, praying for the best. Your right the attacks can wake you up to all of that and help you change your habits for the better, its not easy because once I feel better I tend to slip into my old ways, but I'm working on making the permanent changes.

  • My Journey, pristiq and prozac are very different, so I can see how that would leave you feeling weak at that time. What your describing is the vicious cycle, where you feel guilty for this, and so you start to apologize to those who are having to take on extra responsibilty for right now, not sure if this sounds familair, but feeling or expressing to your partner, please try to understand and look out for my child, please don't let this get any worse in that regard'. To stop that, you have to really work on shutting down those thoughts, that you won't be able to handle it, and replace them with more empowering thoughts, affirm to yourself , this will pass and I'm going to be fine, my daughter will safe, and I don't have to feel guilty about this anymore. Even if you feel like you have no control right now, work on the negative thought pattern, it will eventually sink in and you will see that your still very capable of coming back unscathed from what your going through. If your feelign overly tired or very out of it, then le teh doctor know if thats a problem, write down, and counteract all the thoughts that cause the emotions to get out of balance. I'm praying for balance for you.

  • i to have to watch my diet:)

    Hi Blue,

    (day 4 now on Pristique,) no side affects yet yippie) I added the first part of my conversation from the other page again:)

    My dr.says it usually takes just over 5 days to get into your system)..i have started pristique (sp) Friday i had a mini melt down at my Dr's. office coming of my Prozac for 2 weeks left me pretty vulnerable..If I didn't have my 11 year old daughter, i would have completely surrendered and not in a good way:( My partner was over for a couple of days and I'm telling you if i was him i would have walked out my door...At least my daughter and him had each other. i am so sick of apologizing, that is causing more anxiety...theres only so much i can say,explain,sending articles, on what i am going through...In turn all of this causes more depression/anxiety/and panic.

    I know you are an empath Blue, do you get vivid flashes, of people,places and things? i think that has to be my biggest fear.Thats why i haven't been as active on tarot, i pick up everything and then to be honest i also start carrying around huge resentments,anger, then on the other side i pick up peoples emotions of sadness, tears, etc.

    Not everyone would agree on what I am doing (the scientific way) but if it wasn't for my Brain pills (what I call them) I really honestly could not tell you where i would be and i don't want to know...

    Don't get me wrong i do allot of breathing exercises also and try to keep busy while going through a major attack but thats when i go passed the no return..i have Angel communication daily but some days i am on my hands and knees praying to the universe, Angels and who ever else is out there to please help me and relieve the anxiety so i can live life once again. AS far as your new ones, i know they were not strong enough to also fight the depression but they did relieved the panic and anxiety...but like the Dr's. say what works for someone else might not work for others...

    I am in no way promoting any kid of pills for anything...But i know and have made peace with myself that i need more than prayers i can't fight this battle alone without medication, i have tried, too many times only to cause too much suffering to myself first then my family...sending you love,light and healing

    hugs and Blessings!


    aka shatz

  • Shatz, don't feel bad for takign the medicine, I don't beileve God would want you too feel bad, or feel like you had less faith, its would no different then needing antibotics for a time being. You do what yu feel is best for you, because really, your trying to get yourself back for others just as much as yourself, this fight wouldn't be as difficult if you weren't also fighting the pain your afraid its inflicting on your loved ones. I promise their stronger then you think they are, they bieleve in you, and they can handle it, slowly work on the guilt. I don't always get flashes, so much as energy vibes, strong feelings, good ro bad, sometimes that can come with an image, but rarley. like you I block it, unless I want to feel, or see it. Theres some people on here, and I know you know who they are too, that have a good , strong, healing energy, I like to follow them from time to time, to pick up on that:)

  • I am glad you have had no side effects on pristique as well! Hopefully it will kick in soon, and you can start to feel better:)

  • I've been having a harder time with it since yesterday, thanks retrograde

  • Hi Blue,

    well seems like the brain pills have kicked in, I'm not on top of the world quite yet but i am not in the pit anymore:) I feel that its starting to do what its suppose to do...I'm back at the Dr's again this Friday so we can start tapering off the ativan if he wants me to.."Now those are very addictive but its what takes the feeling of the heart pumping out of my chest away." I've been writing more and going out more so thats how i know I'm feeling better, plus Blmoon gave me some excellent advice:)

    I was also in touch with the captain, so i have some good grounding techniques to use also..

    I have quite a ways to go spirit wise, but I'm taking my time and trying very hard to stay focused and positive..Staying away from negative people, as you know your self, "thats a tough one.".Especially if its family or good friends. Time to be a bit selfish for this woman:) Its a funny thing all this work i have done on myself i didn't realized how much i liked me until all of this started to happen, now i miss me to love how lessons are learned in the strangest ways!

    Merc the jerk lol, ( as some call him/her) has only screwed up my computer so

    My brain is to messed up he/she wouldn't know where to start with me anyways:)

    Take care, I will try and check back soon with you,

    love and light


  • I am so glad to hear that Shiela! I am so happy your doing better! Yes ativan can be addictive, not the worst one for addiction, its not that bad to get off of, I've done it, we have smiliar attacks so I know you can wean too, although you probably won't need too, might need to keep them as a just in case tool, but not take them everyday as your feeling better. I only took them at night and then gradually didn't need them when I was on effexor. I am suppose to start celexa, God help me, I don't want to even think of the possibilty that it won't work, because I am not going back to effexor. My life is just changing so fast right now, hopefully it will all be for the better soon.

  • Started celexa today, whoa! nowhere near as harsh as any other I've ever been subjected too, kind like being hit with a half a brick instead of the whole thing. It wasn't too bad, no anxiety with it at all, but I did have the agitation, they list that under the side effects that aren't common of course, and knowing my doctor he'll yank me off it if I so much as had one dark thought. I am defintly and very fortunalty Not suicidal, but I know they can all cause those thoughts, but I defintly don't feel like I want to do that, so I guess thats good, I hope the worst of it was today, I could handle that. It feels sooo.. artificial though, like fake lol

  • Oh my I must have arrogant to ever say I had beat this before, and I said it too, how niaeve, at the time I felt fine though. I feel fine now, I don't want this med to paly trick on me though, like make me feel confident, and I'm driving along, then bam, knock me down again, I almost feel like have to atleast to stay aware of my anxiety tendencies to remind my self to be brave, its okay to be scared sometimes, but we have to remember to be brave too, I don't want this med to take away my bravery, or steal that from me, do all the work, then take a day off, I want to remember how to be brave no matter whether this helps.

  • Hi,

    I was reading along because I have picked up on something happening in my chest, time after time, since a broken love affair in the past.

    But my symptom is not a physical pain, neither it gives me a bad feeling. It is like a strong energy shaking my chest up to my throat. It only weakens my system and I usually lay down and have a pillow tight on my chest for 10 minutes or so, and then it goes away. not necessary a bad feeling. I even like it sometime, because it feels like releasing stress, and it melts me down.

    I have been thinking that might be the heart chakra opening, but now that I am reading here, probably is any kind of anxiety attack. I wonder what you guys think of it.

  • Well Undio1 if your under any stress it could be, but it depends on different things,like how you handle stress, especially the emotional sort, if your on any meds that would help shut an attack down before it starts, such as ssri's or ssni's, ect that would possibly abort an attack from reaching its peak, or what consumes your daily thoughts, are you very intune to your own body and rythems? have any allergies? It doesn't neccessarly sound like a pyhsical ailment since you quickly recover from it, with some anxiety hugging a pillow or anything can be very comforting to the individual, and shorten the duration of attacks, does it last the same amount of time each time? Does it feel like muscles in that area contracting at all? What is interesting to me about what you describe is that you do not fear it, most anxiety or panic attacks are disorienting and somewhat painful in the chest area because it gets so tight, and that usually leads to heart palps, some shaking can occur, but that usually starts in the legs or arms, but hey, anything possible with anxiety, I've heard of different symptoms. If it ever worries you , or you get curious you could ask a doctor during a checkup, I would ask a regular doctor first, not a pych doc, since its not bothering you in any emotional, or mental way. If it is infact a panic attack, I am awed at your ability to find comfort and strength in your bodies way of choosing of to release its stress:) As far as the chakras, mabe someone on here can help us to know more about that, and if the body has a pyhical release in that way when the heart is opening and releasing emotions.

  • anxiety can be crippling and it sneaks up on you unaware it can shake your self confidence when I feel stressed & it weighs me down I try & clear my chakras & I will sniff some sage or vanillia and it seems to help

  • Thank You Bluecat !

    Yes, I am not scared at all and I have managed to put it down with my hug pillow. 🙂

    10 minutes at most. But there are days when it occurs more often. I don't have any leg or arm or muscular changes in my body. I don't even have a tight chest. is just the feeling like a ball of strong energy shakes my chest and feel like melted down, and not fast breathing. I think I am in tune with my body, but maybe not fully.

    and Thank You Shadowmist !

  • Wow Undio1, I'm, interested in seeing if anyone has had a similiar experiance as you, it doesn't sound like a panic attack, it sounds like a gift of release of some sort.

  • yes !! I can't explain it either. 🙂 thanks again for your insights !!

  • Hello ya'll

    I had a panic attack 30+years ago that I thought I was having a heart attack and curled up in a fetal position walking to work on the main drag, busy street, folks stopped to ask If I was ok and I said Yes! Can you say denial! I've had anxiety on and off sometimes it seems to come from nowhere and sometimes it's a situational response. I'm not saying this is true for anyone else but for me it was my bodies way of telling me I was not dealing w/ stuff. Mostly repressed anger and resentments. Disappointments I later realized were unrealistic expectations. Have any of you seen the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by PHD Edward Bourne?There are herbs too that help like Kava and valarian and calms and other homeopathic approaches. My daughter has anxiety also (autistic spectrum)when facing anything that seems confrontational to her panics and faints. Having to be there for her has helped me to learn to not resist anxiety but to listen to what it's saying. As uncomfortable as it is. MBSR was without a doubt the best thing I could have ever done for myself and one of the positives is the loving kindness meditations part of which is "I am safe and protected from all inner and outer harm." The meditations and body scans are spending quality time w/ ourselves and loving every inch of our being and then sending it out to the world.I recommend you all who suffer anxiety to talk to your Drs about MBSR as a solution it is in a lot of hospitals now. You will be so glad you did.

    Best of luck


  • This is my take on panic attacks. Not everyone has panic attacks, I've had panic attacks. I think it's a central nervous issue. Some people actually have more neurons than others (that's a scientific fact.) Those that have panic attacks get overwhelmed very easily. It's a flooding of the central nervous system--the brain and spinal column. The system gets flooded with too many messages and just can't process everything. It reminds me of epilepsy, where there's a mis-firing between nerves. In panic attacks the flooding of info gets sent to the organs. I guess the answer really is more relaxation or drug-induced calming of CNS.

  • I can see that Daliolite, I have doing better off the drugs actually and thats strange to a lot of people around me that can handle the meds, but for some reason I haven't been able too.

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