Advice on this overwhelming anxiety latley

  • I have been going up and down with anxiety and panic attacks, have good days and bad days, the last few have been really bad, I'm usually really good about brushing off the symptoms, but I woke up holding my breath, and just don't know whats in my subconcious, whats getting me to that point, I've even wondered if its sleep apnea, but it seems more like anxiety, I have been around and around with it, and am so tired. Anyone insight is appreciated, my bday is July 17th, 77 thanks all

  • Bluecat 123,

    It's woodenmeow from the other forum. Please check out my recent post. As far as anxiety.. I fight with that myself. I have found that deep breathing can do alot. The doctor gave me something to take for them but it make me loopy. I hope I was somewhat helpful.

  • Thanks Woodenmeow, yes I follow your posts. I've managed to aviod the loopy meds so far too. Sounds like they could give you something different. THey love to prescribe xanax, but I never could take that.

  • Bluecat, I suffered from severe panic attacks for several years about 10 years ago. It 's a physical manifestation of accumulated anxiety over years, in a nutshell. It gradually went away on its own once I realised that it was not of a physical origin (I've done all the tests), and it was not going to kill me. I just accepted the fact that I would have to leave with this condition, so when the first symptoms were appearing I was saying to myself - "here we go again" and prepared myself for spending few unpleasant hours, usually at night, but sometimes during the day as well. Also I came a cross a little comical/educational book, called "Your survival guide to panic attacks", which helped a lot. Take it easy, accept it, and try to stabilise your life and eleminate the stress factors.

  • Bluecat,

    Have you tried magnesium? There is a product on the market called "Calm" which is a magnesium powder that you mix with water and take before bedtime. There is also lower dosage liquid magnesium on the market which you can take every time you’re feeling “panic” (this worked great when I quit smoking). I would avoid the pharmaceutical magnesium as I don’t think it helps in the same way. Not only does magnesium help with anxiety by calming the nerves, it also helps with insomnia/restless sleep among many other benefits. I've been taking magnesium off and on for that past few months; mine aren’t anxiety attacks but I have been experiencing long periods of insomnia and erratic moods recently. It might be a co-incidence but I do have some hard transits affecting me and amazingly I actually feel better after the partial solar eclipse on July 1st.

  • I take that, but I haven't tried the calm before, mabe I should try that.

  • I have battled and overcome years of this. controlled my life. OCD, racing heart and thoughts. breathing into a paper bag is useful in emergencies. I was prescribed beta blockers and anti anxiety meds but ditched them and worked on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) - lot's of info online and books at library. I also take magnesium supplement daily (refer above post) and feel this helps too. And vit b for nervous tension. it seems I’ve just slowly overcome it. it take a while and patience. good luck

  • Hi Bluecat, its me aka shatz...I have been reading about your ongoing anxiety attacks, here and on the captains thread..Sorry it has taken me forever to respond especially when you helped me to understand just has been trials of life, mostly dealing with my fibromialgia fog and pain...along with my headaches..but i will beat this, so will you...

    Well, i guess you could say for 2 months straight maybe longer, what used to be panic attacks a couple of times a year it is now becoming daily, sometimes hourly just out of the blue, and quite frankly I'm p' off lol...I finally went on Ativan, daily now...they would give this to me in the emergency ward also..does it solve my problem on why am i getting them "NOPE", "NOTTA", "NOTHING" I HAVE PRAYED TO EVERY ANGEL I COULD THINK OF AND MORE THAT I MADE UP LOL, Because I'm tired of the struggle and no doctor can tell me why...My opinion is they started coming on stronger because of my menopause symptoms...yes theres my day to day stress but nothing like i suffered before...the ativan helps take the anxiety,panic i can breathe and calm down, not thinking I'm having a heart attack or a stroke..The ativan are a low doze so i don't feel looped or

    I TELL MYSELF I'M ALRIGHT,I'M ALRIGHT, NOPE I'M NOT DYING, ITS JUST A PANIC ATTACK, I BREATHE, I MEDITATE,I WALK IN CIRCLES, I YELL AND SCREAM FOR THEM TO STOP! oops caps on sorry.Its like I'm speaking to another part of me...sounds crazy but thats what it feels like when I'm past my point of no return...Do i want to be on pills for the rest of my life, no, but i just can't live the way i was living...maybe in time new research will be available or the anxiety/panics will leave as fast as they came in.Theres also a new antidepressant that I'm checking into..not sure if they will affect my other medication..'m going to the Dr's. in A couple of weeks to talk to my doctor more about them. I'm sorry that I can not give you any suggestions or answers, i just wanted to let you know you are not alone, and I'm sorry it has taken me a long time to respond..

    Take care sweetie.

    Namaste Bluecat

    Peace,Love and Light


    aka my journey

    aka shatz from F&L

  • My Journey, next time you have a panic attack try not to fight it, not to try to calm yourself down, not try to make it stop. Just say to yourself - "ok, it's going to be unpleasant for few hours, it's not going to kill me, so let's have it ! " There was a time when I was having them on a daily basis, but it gradually stopped. The thick is not to fight it, but willingly go for it. It's the fear of the fear that feeds it.

  • What are anxiety attacks? When I was younger and had just graduated from college, I was doing very little to find a job. Subconsciously I knew I had to kick my butt into gear and start pounding the pavement but I procrastinated. These attacks were brought on when I when I was surrounded by a crowd of people which caused clammy sweats, then I would hyperventilate and of course eventually I would faint. Were these anxiety attacks? I’ve never had them again after I found my first job. If anyone is a smoker and has tried quitting they will understand the panic attacks that come over you when you need to satisfy an addiction. So, I understand those panic attacks. Recently, my “panic” (it’s not really panic) has been more of an intense/erratic/irrational feeling that something is wrong. There are periods where I would only get a couple of hours of sleep a night and this could go on for weeks at a time. This is important because the lack of sleep affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. For me right now, hormones are a big factor, but it has also caused me to look very intensely at all aspects of my life and it’s pushing me to change anything that isn’t satisfying. None of these (except for the smoking) actually meant there was something physically wrong, they were/are signals that I need to change something whether it’s a circumstance or a need to explore more avenues.

    Bluecat, I guess what I’m alluding to is; this is something that has recently started to happen, so what is going on right now in your life that may be triggering your anxiety?

  • Angel bumps:)

  • Bluecat I certainly hope you find relief soon. Will keep you in my prayers.

    All the information shared here is very interesting. Lately I've been going through stress that is absolutely polvarizing. I've had some strange sensations in my chest cavity and head. I never thought about it being anxiety but surely could be I suppose. I was just curious if any of you have had similar symptoms?

    I feel a building pressure in the cavity of my chest as if it is in the void of space surrounding my organs and such, and the head well that is like having a strap tightening up or a swelling from the inside out. Surely my blood pressure is probably somewhat out of whack but has never been of concern medically. I was just curious have any of you experienced anything like this?

  • Sometimes I feel a sharp, paralising pain in my chest, so I have to lay down to catch my breath until I can move again. Haven't had it recently, though. Strangely, I had similar sensation in my head last winter, but I thought it was sinusites. Maybe it's all connected. RCdreamer, I would advise you to talk to your doctor about it, just in case.

  • Hi all, thanks for responding, aquabubbles, anxiety attacks are different then the nicoten withdrawl, as they can be frightening, they sort of come of the blue and cause sensations, or "fake symptoms", and a flight or fight feeling. My anxiety defintly was brought on by stress and manifested as panic attacks. I'm currantly on a new med and just waiting it out, trying to be strong through it.

  • MyJourney, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a beautiful soul you have.

  • Thanks for the explanation bluecat.

  • @AquaBubbles, thank you, what beautiful words you have said to me...I'm truly touched.



    @Bluecat, i really pray these new meds workout for you...

    AquaBubbles, Bluecat, RC, VS sorry if i missed anyone,

    I know when my panic attacks hit, there is no reasons, or explanations on why they hit me...I could be having a great time then by the end of the day the feelings are as followed:.

    Slight feeling of heart speeding up

    dizziness, along with the feeling of fainting

    shoulder, neck and head begin to feel numb,tingling like feeling

    chest gets heavier and heavier like someone is sitting on it

    usually my right arm gets shooting pains, then the fear sets in which makes me breathe harder, check my pulse BECAUSE MY HEART FEELS LIKE IT WILL JUMP OUT OF MY BODY AT ANY MOMENT.

    Pulse is normal, then pain starts going up my left arm, now I'm at the peak, this is where i feel like i may have a stroke or a heart attack!

    I Breathe slowly, well i try anyways, my breathing takes off, like it has a mind of its own:(

    I continue to take my pulse every 5 minutes, feelings of cold sweat dripping from all over my body, i guess you could explain it has a drug with-drawl of nicotine AquaBubbles, but add that feeling 10 times over.

    I get very agitated if spoken to, its sad because my 11 year old gets scared...At the peak of my panic it doesn't matter if I'm told I'm breathing and I'm getting oxygen.I won't or i cannot understand that i am...even though the emerge Dr's. say that I'm ok...Its like as soon as they put me on the oxygen mask i start to feel better and of course the Ativan to help calm myself down.

    The other night i went to a soccer game with my sag man and all of a sudden i felt like i was going to be trampled on by all these people my ears felt so strange, can't explain that one hehe..this was the first time this has happened!

    I hope this helps some of you who don't know about panic or anxiety attacks, or it helps to know your not alone in these feelings of helplessness at times.

    Peace,Love and Light

    Namaste to all


  • Sheila

    Your description fit to a T, my experience in the past. An overwhelming extremely anxious, sense of panic, the whole fight or flight thing so says it. Breathing heavy, sweating bullets etc etc. My latest sensation is somewhat different and yet the same I think partially because I am trying so hard to not lose control. My latest situation has me feeling like I'm going to explode so fighting that sense of being incontrollably about to burst is tough. I really appreciate all of you sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  • I guess I'm not alone as I thought, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, so yucky, but hopefully we'll make peace with it.

  • When my sister killed herself, and i never heard, the phone or door bell ring, as my brother was trying to get me so i go to the hospital, she was alive as heart beating, but brain dead.

    I since then for first time experienced i know now are anxiety attacks.

    I got the tightness in the chest, unable to breath properly, and it goes to my throat and cant talk.

    That was five years ago, but even now if i get uptight or anxious i still get the same feelings, not so profound but its there, its like a trigger of high stress?

    Im not sure always what best to so, should try deep breathing.

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