Scorpio in relationships

  • Has anyone ever been in a relationship with a Scorpio?? Was it a dream or a nightmare?

  • I am a Scorpio-and trust me it would be a dream --but then I'm sure different Scorpio's are 'different'. Mucki

  • Arbil,

    I can tell you first-hand; it's both a dream and a nightmare all at the same time. There are times when I feel as if I am on top of the world because I have never had such a connection with someone on an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. Then, there are times when I am left alone to deal with my intense emotions as a result of my Scorpio’s inherent tendency toward secretiveness. No matter how much I “feel” connected to him, there is always a small, very hidden part of his psyche or soul that bears a large “off limits” sign. Those very things that mean the most to him he doesn’t talk about. Not because he’s embarrassed by doing so, but because in his mind, doing more than just acknowledging and “talking” about it somewhat diminishes the topic. The more deeply he feels about something, like our amazing relationship, the less he’ll actually say about it.

    So, what does all this mean? I am a Sag and the rollercoaster of emotions my Scorpio invokes within me are both heaven and hell. His moody nature varies from day to day. On the days he wants to be left in thought I have to make a conscious effort not to take it personally and remind myself that I can’t be insecure. Sag’s love to talk and communicate, the Scorpio’s secretiveness in truth is their nature. Finding that balance where you don’t need reassurance all the time is the key to happiness for both you and your Scorpio in the relationship. Also, Scorpio’s are very passionate lovers; the intimacy you experience with them is like no other.

    I hope this helps 

  • Hello! I'm a scorpio, just thought I'd offer my perspective. I have come to realise that we are all one. Matter, spirit and all the stuff we can never possibly fathom all dancing to the same beat! We have the directions of yin/+/love and yang/-/fear (call it what you may) and the movement of choice. There are synchronicities and guidings yet so much, in this society particularly, to distract our precious attention. We are life and she holds us in a gental equalibrium we need to respect, but thats another story. What you want to know is what kind of lover I am! I love everybody because I love the genious inside them! So far as sexual relations go right now I'm enjoying pleasures from chacaras other than base but I must say when I do the raw intensity and elation is, let's just say its distracting. I understand that we are all human and we are subject to sexual urges so expecting another not to is a long shot. I've not found the right way to deal with this cununderum yet! I think we need to be whole beings individually and be honest with eachother to live in harmony. So what I really want to say is the world and the cosmos are so vast we will never comprehend it, so yes there is a bit of me that will always remain secret to me and you. That's the magic! I hope I never stop learning and never think I really know myself, or another or anything! It would be a sad day when I thought I could define life, love or another. Having said that I cannot deny the power of the zodiac and the planets relevance in our mortal lives and I am a scorpio but my oldest friends would find it strange to hear of me being angry with another person, even those that sting me. My fuse is long and I do not hate anybody but I will be blunt if too many boundries are broken. Scorpio's are naturally attuned, some times unwittingly and those of us should be encouraged to be the beautiful beings they really are, as sholud we all. We scorpios can thrive when we accept ourselves, but mind to be humble and love selflessly. I must appologise for my spelling and grammer, I have no excuse.

  • I'm a Scorpio. i've dated scorpio males before.I haven't found one yet, that I can stand for too long. they have either been too self centered and jealous and like to have more then one female, for options. Then there are the ones that are just too bookish that it borders on BS and snoreville. They never get my sense of humor. They are too critical for me. Sex isn't always great but, 3 out of 4, it has been but. that not what a good relationship is made of. So for me, relationships with Scorps has been a nightmare.

  • hey a cusp..part have not all...but majority scorpian tendencies..well finding mates for scorpions aint easy..they dont trust anyone!!! but if they find..its definately divine..till the mate ruins intruding in their secret world..which is not shared with anyone..not even the closest one...and scorpios being possessive..yea they are..but not obsessive!!!..who would like to share the best thing in their life wid others??? a relationship wid wat u make out of it..coz he wont change much...

  • the best relationships that i have ever had are with a water sign...... Something about them...when they come to trust you it is either all at once or a little bit at a time.... i have always said to be loved and trusted by a water sign can compare to nothing that I have ever known they do it with all they have... however sometimes to get there can be confusing to say the least If there is one thing that i have learned is ..... they all run hot and cold and require their space and time... I was married to a cancer for 20 years until his untimly death in 1996.... i have now been in a relationship with a scorpio coming up on 4 years....... since I am a fire sign what i have learn more than anything is that together we can make steam heat or they can put my flame out.... or my heat will boil them over.... So I try to keep my fire under his water and keep things at a simmer which brings in the steam heat.....One of the hottest elements on earth.....

  • I'm a Scorpio in every sence of the sign. Emotional, Determined,Passionate, Secretive, Agengful,Funny, Faithful, Creative,and intellegent (even if I am bad at spelling.) These questionable qualities such as being secretive and avengeful aren't necessaraly bad. Keep in mind most people need to retreat into them selves and what is percieved as secretiveness may just be our way of dealing with our out of control emotions (be glad that we work through them this way,because it may just be too intense for anyone else to handle). Also our tendancy to be secretive means you can tell us anything and we will keep it to ourselves. We can be your biggest confidant. We may be a little possessive, but we love whole heartedly and it is a True love that won't be found with any other sign, but if you betray us in any way you will be cut out of our lives in an instant,and there will be no going back, which you will always regret and ponder on for the rest of your life. Most Scorpio's hold their anger in and look for creative ways to get even with their enimies,but if you mess with someone the love the best thing you can do is run because our sting is poisonous and you'll never know what hit you until it's too late. We are so Passionate that some signs can't handle us but those who can are tied to us in some way forever. We are faithful to a "T", so even if you think you can't trust us because of our secretiveness, keep in mind that we are that way so you can tell us your deepest darkest secrets and trust we will never tell. Scorpio's will always be heaven to have a relationship unless you cross us or betray our trust.

  • I am a scorpio woman in my early 50's. I've never had the fortune to find my perfect companion. I think because as a scorpio I express my feelings through intimacy. I put my heart, body and soul into it. I lack in verbal communication with people. I grew up out in the country and didn't have any friends to play with, so I learned to entertain myself, which probably just doubled the ways we get into our heads and think about things. Does that make sense? Most people depend on verbal communication to develop relationships. Not that I can't carry on a conversation, it's just usually short and sweet. I grown beyond the jealous and possessiveness of being a scorpio, but don't purposefully cross me, I will let you know about it. The closest I've come to being in a great relationship is with a Taurus, holly buckets it gets steamy. He is the only person I totally respect and don't want to control. The problem is he is a common sense thinker and I am an emotional thinker. But most of the time he tries to understand me though. My intuition sometimes almost pushes him away. A few months ago I had this overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. I tried to contact him several times that day asking him if everything was all right. He has always kind of held me out at an arms length, so he didn't tell me he hurt his knee and was having surgery. Do you think I freaked him somewhat ? He didn't tell me until weeks later about it. Because we live in different towns and our work schedules, we only get together every few of months. Being intuitive I also can figure people out very quickly. Scorpios are very capable of loving another, as long as you enjoy intimacy and understand we do need some alone time. We really are giving and care about the people we love, just don't expect us to wait on you hand and foot. You should be some what independent if you are gonna love a Scorpio.

  • amazing intense relationship. long lasting truly across decades.

  • I am a pisces nad have been with a scorpio man for two years. Here are the secrets...It will be rough at first when he is really secretive. But just be patient and be willing to let him spend alot of alone time by himself. He needs it to function. He will be brutally honest and tell you when he is going to "leave" for awhile. Do not take it personally. If you do it will show him you are not ready to be with him. If you can be patient and be happy to see him when he comes out of hiding he will shower you wtth thank yous adoration and even get closer to you. He will be willing to share more of himself. A scorpio is generous and loving and intense. He will suprise you with a present and then whisk you to dinner and a movie and incredible mind blowing physical sex. The next day he will want to discuss what spirituality really means and you will spend three hours talking of how it effects someone. He is a highly spiritual being and you must be open minded and willing to discuss and discover all different apsects of divine energy. It will be intense and if you are on the right level you will be able to go without talking for days and be able to look in to each others eyes and know what each other is thinking.

    There will be times you will wonder if he cares like i said be patient. He is spitfire in a fight and will say things that will hurt you deeply because he has investigated every part of you and knows what to say. Wait and he will apologize. And he will be truly sorry. He is independent. Wants to live alone, wants to have his alone time and my scorpio kept friends seperate from our relationship for along time Yours may be different. Mine is older and less social. As for the intimacy-get ready. Its intense and beautiful. Sex is rough and dirty and like two souls meeting. Every time is adventerous and exciting. This is the best relationship I have ever had...ever. Go for it. It's worth the drama of getting to know each others patterns. Once you do and respect each other for who you are, you couldnt ask for a better mate. I have a ton of info on scorpios... I can tell you by sign if you are a good match.. Let me know if you are interested I can share. my email is


  • VERY WELL PUT ivy317.... you understand us well..... Make sure to be as honest with him as you can.... You will have a love of a life time if you keep from betraying him ..... Good luck, Love well and enjoy

  • I am in a "friendship" with a scorpio now. It is both dream and nightmare. But when it is good it is wonderful and I feel on a could but when he is gone, and he leaves often, I feel so alone. I miss him and think it is over but so far he has come back. We have been "friends" for 2 years now. And our friendship has grown intensely. He gives me what he can and I do not push. I think allowing him to have control is what helps. I love him greatly but when I first told him he did not like it. But I stuck with it and he beleived and accepted it eventually. I can not even comment on the love making. It is incredible. We are so connected and he makes me comfortable and I can open up with him and let my guards down. I crave him on a regular. I hope to know and understand him one day and I plan to stick around for as long as it takes to do this.

  • Ivy317, it's uncanny - as if we are dating the same person! I'm a Libra btw and I always give him as much freedom as he wants. In the beginning I had to control myself not to say anything when we arranged to meet at 8 and he came over at midnight or not at all, but now that he knows I don't get angry over such "minor" things, he prefers to never go out (unless he takes me out somewhere) and he's now the one making sure I'll be home on time. He used to keep his friends and family completely seperate, but because I never asked to meet them - he actually introduced me to ALL his family (including nieces and nephews and made sure I knew everyone).

    When he gets angry he can say the most horrible things - no enemy could think of more hurtful and frightening things to say. But he later apologises and says: "It doesn't matter what I say, don't you see that I'm still here and not going anywhere." But it's difficult to swallow the absolutely brutal truth all the time. He's not the type of man who'd say "you look nice" just to get rid of you. He would actually tell you "you look like godzilla's grandmother. go change!"

    The love-making is rough, intense and extremely passionate. It was actually quite a shock at first.

  • Wow, I hate to burst the Scorpio love-bubble here, but after a four-year relationship with a Scorp man and a 16-year relationship and marriage to another one, I'm done with Scorpios. I felt controlled, patronized, unappreciated and the jealousy and "head-games" drove me crazy. Cancers and Scorpios have the potential to be a match made in heaven, and my relationships did start out that way, but there was a cold insensitivity towards me and my needs that revealed itself over time in both cases. So I happily leave all Scopio men to be the center of someone else's universe, because, in my opinion, that is the only place they are really complete control.

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