Virgo frustrations

  • Why would a Virgo guy ignore you when he once liked you? We were starting up a relationship and things were going well, then he just... stopped. Now he is fully ignoring me, which makes me sad because we used to be friends. What would cause a Virgo guy to ignore you? He won't even give me the chance to apologize if I did anything wrong?!!

  • How is he ignoring you? Is he ignoring calls, texts? What does he do when you come over to his house or try to see him? When my Virgo and I were together, sometimes days would go by when he wouldn't talk to me. I didn't realize at the time he was giving me much needed space to get my stuff done as I was in college.

    Sometimes Virgo men get scared if a relationship is going too well. My ex and I were friends for 17 years and were in a relationship for 3 months when he got really mad at me and not only are we not lovers, we are no longer friends. I wrote him a letter and am giving him space..hopefully in a few months after analyzing the situation he will give our friendship a shot at least. During our relationship he was very honest about his feelings and what he wanted...he always spoke very deeply. I know the only reason he was able to do that was due to our LONG friendship.

    Send him a friendly card (not too much emotion) and tell him you would like to talk to him. Trust me...DO NOT try to force him to talk to you or it will only make him mad and push him further away..that is what happened to me. I thought with us being friends for so long that we would be able to talk things out right away...... WRONG!!!

  • Yeah, I'm confused because we were friends and then just barely started a relationship. I understand if he doesn't want a relationship with me, but why can't we be friends? He is friends with other exes!

    He started ignoring my texts, so I stopped contact for a while to give him room and space. So a couple days ago I emailed him... still no response. I just wish I could know what I did or I guess I just don't matter to him anymore so... eh?

    I would send a card, but I just don't feel like our relationship got to that point to where I would/could do something like that. I appreciate everything you said though. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • The only reason I felt comfortable sending mine a card after the argument and then a letter about 1.5 weeks later (telling him I would always be here for him if he needed me) is because we were friends for 17 years before we dated. After we started dating there were a few instances when we would have a discussion about something and then like a week later he would call me up and want to talk about it. VIrgo men are like sponges..they take in everything that is said (even if it seems they aren't listening or paying attention) then they analyze. If something bothers them about what was said, you can guarantee they will ask you about it. My ex did tell me once that if he were dating someone he didn't know that well and they said something that didn't sit well with him he would just tell them to leave. They are VERY sensitive inside and to get hurt easily..even if they do not show it.

  • I am in a similar situation. I am a Taurus. I met virgo two months ago online. We hit it off pretty well and talked with each other just about every day for about two weeks. It turned out that we both worked in the same building, just different companies. So I made a visit one day to meet in person. He thanked me for stopping by. We talked about when we worked and when we were free, and tried to coordinate a time to do something, but we still have not done so.

    I would say that the initiation of contact was about 50/50. We even came up with nicknames for each other. We would have full out conversations, but now I seem to be doing most of the contact and our chats/messages are short.

    I may have pushed him away a bit when i texted him once saying that i liked him and that i would like to get to know him better. This was about three weeks after we met, so maybe too soon. He said it was too soon for him to say whether he felt the same, but that what he knew of me so far, he liked. I then proceeded to change the subject and close the conversation on a different note. Since this message, he hasn't been the one to initiate contact, it's been me. I have tried to give him space and not message him too often. Maybe every 4 days or so. Sometimes he responds, but mostly he doesn't. He will usually after I have stopped by to see him.

    Since the "like" message, I have stopped by his work twice, and he seems to be fine. I even left him a note on his car saying I hoped he was having a good day. He messaged saying thanks. A few weeks later (last week) I also left a small gift for his birthday on his car (something that I knew had meaning based on things he talked about). He messaged saying that was sweet and that I shouldn't have, but expressed that he liked it. I told him it was my pleasure, and he responded with a :). Should I send a message to see how the gift worked?

    I would just like to know if I am over analyzing. Should I give him more time? I really feel that we do have some kind of connection and that he truly is some one that I want to get to know and that may lead to something later on, I just don't want to come off as pushy or desperate. Any suggestions? I want to message him or visit him again sometime soon to see if he would like to meet up, or simply to ask if he is still interested at all.

  • Taurman - Oh my!! Forgive me if I'm too forward but STOP! Tooooo much way too soon! You Are passing the line of "hey I'm interested," into outright pushing yourself on him. 1. He hasn't had time to form an opinion about you. 2. If you are doing all of this and you aren't even dating, he may be scared to pursue you for fear you would smother him (I'm not saying you would, just trying to give you some insight into how he may perceive the texts, pop up visits, notes, on car, gifts, ect) 3. Vir.gos in general aren't real communicative in the traditional sense. You have to either accept that/ them or move on to someone who will give you the level of attention, affection you would like. 4. You work nearby which well..may add another layer of awkwardness for him if things don't work out (something that I'm sure he has considered).

    Pull back, if he is interested he will come to you. He knows you like him, so the fear of rejection isn't

    there. Give him the time and space to come to his own decision.

    Good Luck : )

  • snowball543, thanks for such open and honest feedback. I agree that I have moved too fast and admit that I have done so. I am forming the idea that that is the reasoning that he has become distanced. I was only trying to keep the pace that we had in the beginning, no intentions to be in the picture all the time. I understand that this is the way he is, it just confuses me that it happened just like that. For me, it's not so much the attention/affection, I tend to be a pretty independent person in that I can do without attention/affection. I suppose I just would like to know if he still wants to continue talking, even if it means it's not often.

    Last I messaged him was yesterday evening just asking how he was doing. Never got a response. He did send an IM when I was online last night. I just started a new job with another company down the hall, and he asked me how it was going. We conversed for a minute, but soon called it a night. I plan on waiting some time to allow him some space. My only concern is that he would think that I have moved on or are no longer interested.

  • Taurman- You're welcome. Don't worry your fear is unfounded, he knows you're interested. Besides think about it, he will what; say she's moved on and back away into the shadows? No, Virgo or not he's still a man and if he wishes to pursue you he will. I do warn you though, with virgos what you see is what you get and they DO NOT change. If his actions or in this case inaction, bother you then seriously consider whether a relationship with this man (if it came to that) would satisfy you.

    No more texts : ) continue to see/meet other males, enjoy him when/if you do spend time with him but don't get too emotionally attached. This way, if it works great, if it doesn't oh well.

  • I have and would accept being with some one who wants and needs their space. I tend to like my space and time myself and probably resemble that characteristic of a virgo. I guess it's more of a confusion as to why we talked on such a frequent basis at the start, then all of a sudden no more. I suppose I did come off as too forward and possibly scared him off a bit. I wonder if he is in the situation where he may be put off by the fact that there is a possibility of wanting to date. He was pretty open and we talked about almost anything. We definitely have lots in common, yet have our differences. I believe that I clearly got his attention and sparked an interest because he had mentioned that he responded to my first message (through online dating site) because he liked what I had to say. He also mentioned that he thought i was calm and quiet, but not to worry it was a good thing.

    I know that there is more to a person than their sign, but I really do believe that people fit to what their sign is. I would really hope that the Taurus/Virgo compatibility is true.

    I know that no one has the answer, but I just want to know why he doesn't even initiate a simple communication like he used to. I really feel that I have found some one that I want to keep getting to know and form a relationship. I know that if nothing comes of this, it's not the end of the world for me, but I feel that there is still some chance for us. I am willing to be patient, I would just like some understanding. Luckily I have been pretty busy with the new job and keeping busy at home that I can keep my mind on other things for a while.

    I haven't contacted him since Wednesday, and I'm going to be resistant to contacting him too soon. How soon do you think I should wait before initiating contact if I don't hear from him? I suppose the stubbornness in being a taurus gets to me and I tend to be persistent when I believe in or really want something.

    Surlemare, how long have you been talking with your virgo? Sounds like we're in a similar situation in not hearing from our virgos.

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