Need help please

  • Platonic means exactly what he offered you. He did not want more --with you--so he was honest. He met someone who changed his mind. Do not think of it as if something is wrong with you--people choose partners for variouse reasons and you can't argue with attraction. You were not for him--she is---or at least for now. Be kind to yourself and do not contact him---you are just bringing up feelings of rejection and betrayal when really he is not the one. Your man is out there but he can't find you if you are too busy chasing a lost cause. Don't feel rejected---someone will love you as you are---don't settle for less. Happiness is a choice. We cannot control others--only our own attitudes and gratitudes. When we are young we often think of happiness as a random thing outside us and out of our controll--like luck. As we mature we realise happiness is an intention and often hard work---a choice. Your choice to wallow or pine away over imagined loss or to distract yourself and redirect your sad energy. Get busy--set a goal---most of all avoid isolating yourself. You will be fine! BLESSINGS!

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