Weird Dreams..I need advice/help

  • I'm not sure what is happening to me, but the past 2 months I've started having dreams that seem to be simultaneously what's going on somewhere else. For example, I had a dream about a guy I used to date. We had not spoken in 2 years or so. It was just like 1 or 2 dates with the guy so he didn't really have a huge significance in my life. So having a dream about him was weird. I woke up at about 3 something that morning and he had just sent me a friend request on facebook.

    Early this morning I was having a dream that I saw some of my high school friends as kids in pictures. I was calling out everyone I could recognize in the pics. This morning I woke up and got on facebook and low and behold someone posts pictures of my high school classmates as kids in elementary school.

    It seems really small..that I am dreaming about oddly enough facebook things! lol. But it's been happening lately and I don't know what it is. I don't think it's psychic because I don't feel like I'm seeing the future. More so I'm seeing the present else where. Does this make sense to anyone? Why is this developing now at 30?? Or has it always been there I just haven't been in a place spiritually to acknowledge it?

  • Dear Mizqator,

    You are at an age where it seems for some that their mental gate opens to intutitive dreams and reasoning. I believe that you are very intuned to Facebook at this time and that you are sending out desires to the universe and connecting with people now through Facebook that you have wondered about and enjoyed friendships with in high school.

    I myself will think about an old movie that I have enjoyed and the next day it will be on TV, just a connection to the cosmos is what I call it and a way for the universe to let us all know that what we send out in thought does indeed matter.


  • Wow, that's soo cool and interesting! A year or two ago a psychic told me that I need to remember my dreams because I get messages through them. I could not for the life of me remember my dreams. I kept a dream journal near my bed so that when I woke up I could immediately write down my dreams. I just could not wake up and do this as I would always get into my morning routine and then forget any dream I may have had.

    However, part of my morning routine is to check my facebook every morning. So it appears that the Universe is using this method to show me that my dreams are indeed telling me something.

    Thanks Shuabby for your insight!

  • Mizgator, its not uncommon for what you described to happen if your in sync with certain things,like your facebook, or the people you knew before, mabe on some level you were wondering or curious about them, your subconcious , dreaming mind can pick up a lot that you may not while awake. Your experiancing an intuntive gift at the moment is what it sounds like.

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