What is going on with capricorns right now?

  • i've been noticing that all the capricorns in my life have been acting indecisively and rather unusual as of late. real NON-capricorn behavior has been abound. what is going on for caps right now?!

  • I lived with a capriconr men for six years it was the worst experience of my life, he never was sure of what he want it, later I date an older man also capricorn and experience the same nightmare, avoid all capricorns.......

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    It may not be entirely fair to "Avoid all capricorns," but for the time being, it may be sound advice.

    Being a capricorn myself, I've struggled with being indecisive. Its been my experience that indecisiveness never plays well with women, as they very much like to plan ahead and have stable visions of the future. Yes, its a generalization, but one I've experienced too many times to dismiss as coincidence.

    Here's my advice: Don't begrudge your goat. Indecisiveness really can be considered a good quality. One should always be willing to ponder alternative solutions to any problem, and being indecisive helps to understand both sides of any decision.

    Did you also not notice that your goat's indecisiveness was also paired with a healthy dose of objectivity? Is that not something to be appreciated rather than condemned as a character flaw?

    You don't come to love by finding a perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.


  • louisak:I do not think this applies to all capricorns. I am a cap and have not been feeling at all indecisive.

    Sexymoon:My S.O is an aquarius and we haven't had a heated discussion in the entire length of our relationship(almost 2 yrs) I was in a LTR with a leo,however and we "butted heads" often. I do not think its an issue of one sign being "bad" but the combo that is.

  • i think for us caps our whole value system is undergoing some changes which is causing this "indecisiveness" people may be perceiving...

    our entire frame of thinking is going through a transformation to kind of remove old and outdated beliefs and modes of behavior....

    we caps like firm footing so this is scary for us...we are usually straightforward black and white kind of people, now we are realizing there is all this gray area to consider...

    i think as time goes on...and we learn to be more fluid with life rather than our usually rigid selves...we will be more confident in making our decisions, knowing that the outcome will be as it is supposed to be, no matter what....

  • this is so true. My whole life and perspectice has been in a tail spin this year, particularly since late march/early April. I have met a guy who has rocked my world - can't stop thinking about him, has inspired me and made me feel alive, and passionate and happy again!! Scary stuff for a down to earth capricorn.The world is definately changing for us.

  • my hubby was presented with great opportunity to change his career around june/july. he was not really excited about it and mostly nervous. he had been employed for over 20 years, he felt that employment is safer than being self employed. being a leo, my take on this opportunity is as clear as a blue sky, freedom is worth figthing for and money can be gained with any hard work. So I kept encouraging him, kept watching his moves and encouraged him to talk about his thoughts and not keeping them to himself. for weeks we did this, I left my own job 3 years ago to start a business and so I have hands on experience and knowledge that may be applicable to him. the only thing different between us is that I would jump into any opportunity without thinking and I will sail the boat through hardship to make it work if necessary. I didn't have anyone with experience and knowledge at the time, I just believed I would and could make it. while he would only jump after taking a lot of time thinking even if right now he has me who has been through all that he needs to know about starting a business. june and july were not easy on both of us, he kept trying to get a new job because he was laid off for so long due to economy reason and I kept pushing him to self employment. it took a lot for an earth sign to change, I read that somewhere. but the universe supported me. he never got a new job and the opportunity was still available even if he had waited it off for some time. he is now working hard to make it work and now he is more comfortable knowing I am behind him all the way. It doesn't surprise me that astrology chart says 'this union (leo and cap) hardly ever works. but when it does, it will be one of the strongest unions' I love myself and I love him for loving me as much. my life will never be the same without my Cap.

  • I have known capricorns who were very decisive, but in my experience geminis are not. It seems to me that most capricorns I know have been dealing with more stress than normal. Not sure if that is a coincidence or not.

  • I have been with a capricorn for a while, on and off, we are not a good match at all. I am a pisces with a gemini moon and an aquarius rising, he is a cap with a sag moon and an aries rising, oh my god... tooo opposite to even compliment. Ans also his rigid capricorness really turns me off. I actually dont really like capricorns in general. They may be good people but as for a personal romantic relationship, no way jose! waay too serious. I like laughing and doing things, talking alot and stuff, he just kinda sits there. Worst relationship of my life.

  • I am a Capricorn and I am going stir crazy! Perhaps it is the time of year, change of season, I do not know. I truly hope it will pass. I do not like feeling out of control!

  • Igo I know right? they can be frustrating, as a fire sign I find it hard to cope up with my Cap hubby sometimes too. but he is very steady very calculated person I need him to slow me down 🙂 I could jump into things too fast and jump around the same way at times 🙂

  • Well, it is good to know other Capricorns are going through unsettling times in there life as well. I don't see it so much as indecisiveness but more of a change in the way I perceive, interact and function in the world. I have been examining all of my beliefs, reading and trying to meditate. I am taking this chance to grow a little and perhaps get a little younger for my wise beyond years Capricorn persona.

  • I'm hoping someone can fill me in on what's going on with you Capricorns. My husband of 34 years, 35 yrs Oct. 19th, has just informed me he does not love me anymore and left! He has totally turned a 360 and our children and I are flabergasted. He is not talking to any of us about what he is doing. Two of our children are in business with us and we are all very close. No, it has not been a great marriage, but you do what has to be done. My birth date is Nov 9, '54, Scorpio with Capricorn rising. Help!?

  • I meet a guy recently..he is capricorn...and I really don't understand sometimes what is the meaning of his actions...why he;s doing these and that...Is very difficult to tell what he is trying to say..

  • lormek I remember my husbad told me something similar. he is a Cap. either Virgo or leo rising I forgot which one. at the time I was just curious about his ex lovers. he said he left them when he didn't like them anymore. I was a bit shocked, because that doesn't sound like him at all. we had quite a difficult few first years of marriage and he never walked out on me, so it was kind of strange he said something like that. he never talks much about his past aside from deceased family members. male caps are not about 'feelings'. they are ambitious and get even more so as they get older, because they feel the need to protect what they have earned in their youth. they can be your friends, but it will always be a win-win friends. they are very cautious of manipulative people and hardly let down the guard. there is big difference between my husband and I when it comes to love. If I love I always end up spoiling them. if he loves, they still have to go with his rules or else it's over. he doesn't tolerate whining and laziness or anything that doesn't 'make sense'. he loves me, always cares for me, but only because he knows I wasn't making it up when I'm sick or injured or incapable of something. and I don't want to lie to him, ever, because it would go downhill from there for sure.

    my rising is scorpio. maybe you are being too hard on him somehow? some things you want him to be open with and he doesn't feel like it? or have you been unfaithful? they are very sensitive about this. even if you only say 'oh that guy is cute' but if you say it quite a few times it will get to him. you did say it's not a great marriage, maybe you shouldn't be surprised he left. if he sees there is nothing for him in the marriage, he will not stay. they really need to know that there is something for them, to make them stay. even if it's a new job, my husband didn't accept any offer that has no future in it. so you can expect they view most things pretty much the same. if your children are adults then he has less worry about them, since now they can take care of themselves. I don't know what else to write, this is all I get so far from most male Caps I know. I seem to fall for them all the time, but was always too shy until I met my hubby now.

  • Actually...he and I are online friend but I didnt knew that...he is actually that guy which I have always been observing And I like that guy...at first I always chat with him online about that guy which I have been liking and I told him whenever I saw that guy...it was so surprised that few weeks later he asked me about that guy..so I told him then..I said my bro's pc spoiled thought wanna ask that guy how much willit cost to send for repair...he said go and ask that guy.One night he suddenly stand infront of me and my dad and chat with my dad very long and look at me,but I still darent even look at him..so didnt ask him though.when he went home he just keep on looking at me....but my dad did go ask . But my dad didn't know that he is that online guy...finally one night I find it more and more strange he did really look like that guy which I like...and the way he chat with me about that guy is more and more like him...so ...I asked him is he that guy whcih I have always been telling him...he didn't answer directly..but just keep on asking me to put pic on my web...later is about his mum and my dad 's problem...his mum insult my dad..then one night i ask him why his mum do that..but he didnt reply..so from that time we didnt chat...last time he act cool and abit of proud(maybe he didnt mean to)...but now no. And whenever he saw me he just stare at me with mouth open and a surprised look..when i looked back he just pretend look on floor with head down...and smile...He knew I like him long ago...but he didnt said he like me...but then he ask me go talk to that guy...he did said if a girl like and look at him..if he like that girl he will smile to her...will not misled her...but then now he is confusing me...I didnt know what he's thinking...maybe because of his mum borrowing money from my dad and insult him...or maybe he is thinking of other...or just simply dont like me...he is making me confused...sometimes I think he likes me..but sometimes I think he's not..maybe is just because he is easily moody..I ever think of go chat with him or cheer him up...but I still didnt dare do it..>.<"...

  • try chat with him. don't worry about his mom and your dad thingy. Caps are capable to be independent. if he likes you, he likes you. don't be shy, I don't mean you should be s lutty because they don't like that either. but don't be afraid to talk to him or take him out for a burger. he sees you as your own person. your family, friends whoever, will not deter him no matter how bad they are, especially being ambitious Cap. it's frustrating sometimes because they don't want to jump into things and too formal sometimes. so you will have to make the move if you really like him. start with a smile and a 'hi, whats up'. once he replies, you know what to do.

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