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  • Hi Daliolite ,

    Just wanted to say hi its great to see you back on the forums again, i did reply to you about your sister on the welcome to wherever you are thread i hope all is well and i will never forget the exprience i felt when i made contact with your sister shes a lovely soul. Hope to chat with you soon

    Many Blessings Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi LOAP, Yes, I've been really busy. I have a few days anyway to relax. Wanted to acknowledge your help and haven't forgotten you. Hope to do a few Tarot readings here. I'm glad your still on here also. May need your help again.

  • Dalioute hate to bother you (nice to meet you by the way but I want to know something thy has been botherig me) If you can may you do a reading for me, I would like to know if my ex will accept my friend request I sent to him awhile ago, Ive heard hewas coming back into my life and he was going to accept it but nothing has happened so far. If you need any infomu bday is May 6th 1992 and his is Nov 1st 1991

  • Hi Daliolite ,

    Did your sister have a cat ?

  • Hi LOAP, What are you picking up----something a bit unusual happened regarding a cat. I stayed at my sister's apartment right after she passed (I was there awaiting the funeral.) That evening I had gone to get something to eat. When I returned there was a black cat in the parking lot that kept meowing. So, I started talking to it and it would meow constantly. It followed me to the apartment and was meowing outside. My mom was with me and I said that I really liked that cat and was going to let it in. My mom was against me letting it in. So I said I was going to go outside and see it again. I opened the door and the cat was gone--no trace. I wasn't inside the apartment longer than a minute. I went outside and looked for it but it was gone.

    My sister didn't have any animals living w/her. Another unusual happening regarding an animal was the day I left for the funeral. My boyfriend fed my animals while I was gone. He said the next morning after I left there was a dog inside my fence. Someone put him inside my yard because I have a fence around all my property. The dog is a mixed breed. Anyway, the dog has turned out to be a good addition to my home. He tries to talk also.

  • Hi Dalioloite ,

    When you stopped by my welcome to wherever you are thread i felt she was telling me that she was upset as the cat was put outside i thought it was her cat and something about cupcakes does this make any sense ?

  • Hi Asia, I don't mind doing a general tarot reading. This isn't specifically for the relationship, just where things are in general. I read it from your perspective.

    Your past has exposed a lot, avoid illusion. You have been introspective. Is there a group that has helped you in your near past or you are seeking spiritual help. You are moving towards a new beginning and an end to what was. Avoid conflict or you do avoid conflict. There were more than a few rods in reading that is telling me to avoid hasty decisions. You are very likely to get in over your head in your future. This will happen after a very good period in your near future. You don't always look at things from every angle. You are childlike. This is a period of major change for you. You have lessons to learn from this, it seems spirituality is dominant. Either you are seeking a spiritual understanding or you are being called to examine your spirituality. I noticed that the numbers of yours and his DOB add up to 5. Five is a number of change and this number follows me as well thruout my life. Change will be abundant for you so get ready. Your future looks bright and Outcome is good. In your Present situation seems is calling for a new beginning. In Future is warning not to get in over your head. Presents you as a hard-worker. Seems there is support for you among others, your not in this alone.

  • Thank you Dallolite. I really appreciate this-I just need to push past my feelings and holding on to some aspects of the past-I have too much going for me so I gots to keep moving lol. Thank you once again and for the last time sorry for intruding on your thread lol 🙂

  • Hi Daliolite,

    How long have you been reading cards for ? I was wondering if its not to much trouble could you be able to do me a reading on life in general ? I would be everso grateful .

    Many Blessing love and light Loap:)

  • Hi LOAP, I ordered my own deck this am. I have been going on-line to pull cards. I'll probably get my deck by Sat. of next week. I'll do one today but would like to also do one w/my own deck.

  • Thanks Daliotlie,

    I just wanted to ask again does the cupcakes have any meaning for you with your sister ?

  • Hi Loap, I don't know what the cupcakes mean. I live about 250 miles from where my sister lived. What are you picking up...I'm curious!

    I did a reading for you and want to know if you see a separation in the future or a loss. Your reading is generally good. Seems in the past you were worried about things obsessively. Identifying the source of your depression. From the depression it shows you moving ahead/full-throttle ahead. In your Present position shows you as being eager to help, ambitious, trustworthy. Need to ask yourself how am I growing. In contrast to this moving ahead in the Present, above the situation is the Hermit. Are you afraid to move ahead. I have a feeling that you are dealing with a difficult situation. Situation shows that there will be more struggles ahead. Be aware of enemies or a situation where some obstacle comes upon you unawares. You will be victorious but seems (and I'm not sure) you may end up losing a relationship. Shows you as victorious but may be alot of tears in Outcome. You have patience and temperance. You create an environment where you are in control. Seems like you are battling opposing forces. You know where you need to be. Let me know if you can relate.

  • HI Daliolite ,

    Well last time you post ed on the other thread she was showing me cupcakes and cats funny as im writing this georgetown cupcakes is coming to mind, but ive only just started watching this show do you know it ? its about two sisters that run a cupcake buisness they left their executive high paying jobs to do this ,and now they are a success . I m sorry i really dont know what it is i was picking up on except that she was upset about the cat being outside, with the cupcakes i really dont have a clue .Im just glad that you can relate to it ..

    Thankyou for the reading wow the past is spot on ,as for a seperation or loss my Husband and i went through a difficult patch last year but now we are back on track so im not sure ,do you feel it is my husband? As for the present i am afraid to move ahead there are issues coming up which i dont want to face so that is spot on 100 % .As for the enemies i will keep an eye out for that one .

    I was wondering if its not to much to ask would you be able to do a reading for my daughter ive been worrying about her lately shes only 11 but there are some issues coming up concerning her and i was wondering the the outcome will be , If you dont mind id really appreaciate it no rush whenver you get chance .

    Thanks Daliolite i really appreaciate you taking the time to do this for me .

    Many Blessings love and light loap:)

  • Sorry Daliolite i just read now that you dont know what he cupcakes mean sorry i read it as if you did its getting a bit late in the day where i am lol

  • Hi LOAP, I'll do a reading for your daughter but I'm going to wait until I get my personal deck. I would be cautious with what seems to be ok--it may not be. I'm not saying be paranoid, either. Your reading showed you moving ahead and conquering what's ahead except for the 3 of swords in the outcome position. I forgot to mention that there were alot of swords and rods--Fire and Air. Don't know what your sign is or husbands. Could you tell me what signs your dealing with (everyone).

  • Hi Daliolite ,

    Im a taurus and he is a scorpio , my daughter is an aries , my eldest son is a sagitarius and my youngest son is an aries also . Thankyou i really appreaciate you doing this .

  • Hi LOAP, Sometimes when we get psychic impressions it's hard to know where they come from and what they mean. I've been thinking about the cupcakes and food is very much in my background. I worked in a Bakery for 7 yrs and was a Restaurant Manager for 3. I've often thought about opening my own business. This might be the meaning behind the cupcakes and the sisters in a business.

  • I reallly feel the sisters in whatever i see like for example Oprah and her sister Patricia wasyour sisters way of letting me know that its defentley her that i am communicating with, i mean i ve just started watching georgetown cupcakes and i never gave it a second thought until i started a thread for you, i feel the sisters are more of a significance than the actual cupcakes . Were you guys ever going to go into buisness together ?

  • No, we weren't going into business together. I think it's you're connection (impression) of her or possibly me. Was wondering and it's not urgent by no means, do you get an impression of Michael my friend (boyfriend.) Take your time and let me know, please. Thank you.

  • Hi Daliolite ,

    All im picking up is a bright white light surrounding him, and i was wondering does he wear glasses? or have problems with his vision of any sort as this whitelight around him is so bright i feel that i want to put on a pair of sunglasses . I am also picking up on chequered shirts does he like to wear these ?

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