Help With tarot reading please!!

  • I am currently in a relationship, and have questions of another and thought i would lay the three of swords down and the lovers card down as claification cards and see what i got, and this is what turned up, i was wondering if someone could help me interpret this futher.

    the spread looked like this

    Three of swords LOVERS

    2 2

    1 5 3 1 5 3

    4 4

    First set second set

    1. Hierophant 1. knight of wands

    2. five of cups 2. nine of wands

    3 8 of wands 3. two of cups

    4. 9 of pentacles 4. three of pentacles

    5. knight of pentacles 5. strenghth

  • Sorry my overall cards as outcome was the high priestess and the nine of cups

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