Captain please may I have a reading? Very important. Have a pic.

  • Hi! Im sorry I finally have a pic of this person. Its been a roller coaster. Ive messed up a lot and Im just confused. Im a mess. I have a pic but the problem is Id like not to display it all over the internet, can I pm it to you or email?. Will things work out? Could you tell me anything?

  • Hes blocked me completely out of his life. Will I ever be able to fix this?

  • Birthdays - Mine - 3/8/83

    His - 8/17/73

  • hi carly, sorry for you.

    you also need to let know of time of birth and place of birth.

    This helps for better prediction.

    Though I am a learner in astrology, I will try to interpret your chart and whats in heaven for you.

  • Mine is 12:46 am his - I would say 12:00 pm... Mine - Willingboro- NJ.... His - Philadelphia, PA

  • Thanks by the way!

  • Bumping this up!

  • 🙂

  • Anybody please? Thanks!

  • Sorry I missed this - I always check the 'Topics with no reply' section which this thread disappeared from once you bumped it.

    Your astrological profiles indicate that this relationship would be very diffciult to maintain for the long term or as a serious commitment. It does best when the two of you have a great deal of independence from each other in daily life. It's not that you aren't close - on the contrary; it's just that your relationship is usually at its most healthy when both of you have enough breathing space and don't feel crowded. Although you Carly are generally the more introverted here, you have an extroverted side that the relationship can activate. You will also be sensitive to your partner's needs, which he will appreciate, although this does not mean that you will ultimately be able to satisfy him, or even be all that interested in doing so.

    In the bedroom, your partner may prove too demanding for you, as you often prefer to keep it light. Should you get deeply involved emotionally, on the other hand - a very big 'if' - you may have trouble letting go of your powerful partner, and in extreme cases may manifest a sex-and-love addiction. The problem for you Carly is that your partner can give a great deal of intensity to a love affair without being really involved at a deep emotional level. The extreme independence of thought and action that is the byproduct of this matchup will make marriage difficult or impossible.

  • Thanks Captain. You're right I am having a very hard time right now letting it go and I believe he has already moved on.

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