Need closure please help!

  • I now feel its really over between me and the cancer guy I loved and still love.This is the first man I have ever felt this strongly about he also has hurt me the most that being said I have loved and lost before but I cant get over him !!!! Is it karmic? I dont understand why i cant move on this is not me it has to be deeper maybe you can explain?My bday is 6/5/87 if that matters at all ? Thanx

  • Hotvirgogirl, you say he has hurt you the most - that explains your strong feelings for him. As they say - pain is close to pleasure. I don't mean that you have masochistic tendencies, it's just that strong feelings of one kind usually trigger strong feelings of another kind in your brain. Some people are more prone to this tendency than others, especially if you have history of being hurt ( in any way) by your first care takers as a young child. If that's the case,then love and pain become linked in your psyche. Your ego is trying to win over the unwinnable situation from the past. You confuse strong feeling of pain with the strong feeling of love. But it's really pain that you are feeling, not love. It's not karmic, just the basic psychology. Understanding the situation will help you deal with it.

  • Thanx you maybe right 😞

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