Captain can you give me some insight

  • Blessings to you Captain

    Can you tell me about my relationship potential please

    Russ 03/11/1970.

    Thank you,

    Kim 6/9/1976

  • Kim and Russ: profound and intense, this relationship could prove too much for both of you, bringing out your dynamic sides as it does. You both may even come to resent the relationship, since it takes so much time and energy, yet outside of it you may never feel so alive. Both of you believe that being unable to feel is probably the worst feeling of all, so that your relationship - painful possibly, boring never - may make you dissatisfied with other areas of your lives, which seem almost lifeless in comparison. Since together you attract a whirlwind of experiences (some joyful, others quite hard), it will seem from the outside that you two are extremely lucky, cursed or both.

    A love affair here can range from the ecstatic to the catastrophic. Feelings of joy and sadness, happiness and depair, exaltation and depression may follow each other with bewildering intensity. Not knowing where you are headed or even sometimes where you came from, together the two of you are buffeted by storms of emotion. Yet your empathy is such that each can read the other's emotional language unerringly. For you Kim, whose strongest mode of communication is verbal, your partner's language of love can be an unforgettable experience.

    Marriage and a business relationship are however discouraged here since conflict is likely and intrusive emotional states may be debilitating. A company or family's smooth functioning can be brought to a halt as quickly as if a switch had been thrown. Emotional flare-ups can cause a marital or career breakdown. It is best to avoid public scenes and try to work things out behind closed doors. Friendship can work here as long as lines of communication remain open and arguments and debates are limited. Your partner likes to hold forth on metaphysical subjects with almost religious zeal and intensity, while you Kim are likely to use reason and stick to the facts, often belittling his matters of faith. Your partner is very sensitive and can be easily hurt by your witty or cutting words. If the two of you can agree to disagree in a civilized way, and to fall back on activities and topics that are common ground to both of you, the friendship has a good chance of lasting. You must show mutual respect and consideration for each other. But daily life together as a couple will prove much more challenging and perhaps even distressing.

    In this relationship, you Kim may have a fear of being cheated on or taken advantage of that can hold you back from achieving total intimacy with someone. Your partner is looking for someone more stable than him to ground and support him and may even have lost faith in his own abilities to cope alone. It may make him rather needy and clingy. This relationship is a tricky one and the likelihood of it progressing into a long term live-in relationship is slim. You both would have to work very hard at dealing with your weaknesses and issues (the over-emotionalism, the argumentativeness, the pain inflicting) if the matchup is ever to work at all.

  • Thank You Captain,

    Not what I wanted to hear, but what I already knew. No point trying to argue with intuition.


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