Tarot Question

  • I was doing a quick reading tonight before I got dressed to go dancing. All evening, I kept feeling something strange, like cardboard up under my stockings. When I got home I found I had The Sun stuck to well--um--my moon. I know tarot cards take on different meanings depending on where they show up in a spread. Any ideas what it means when The Sun shows up on a middle aged spread? Honest.y, I know it's a funny question, and I'm asking rather flippantly, but I don't believe the Universe makes mistakes with these things. I can't think what it might mean!

  • LOL!!! 🙂

    Perhaps The Sun's wisdoms are to be applied to the seat of your situation?

    Or, you could see it as more of a foundation card?

    OR, the Sun tagged along to add energy to your night of dancing...sending its rays up through your spine and warming your hips so they could swivel and roll like Shakira's?

    Hope you had a fun night!

  • Actually, I did and a gentleman acquaintance taught me some tango steps that might have been the nicest thing that's happened to me since my diviorce! A girl friend of mine suggested it might have something to do with confidence and unconditional self acceptance at the level of the root chakra. It was certainly the most unusual tarot reading I've ever encountered.

  • Sounds like you had a great night!

  • It means something positive is going to happen If the moon was upside down it means dark side of friend ship may have evolved during the dance .if upright it may lead to indicate the same but for a short duration but at the end sunshines brightly and your future is positive

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