I need help finding missing rings

  • If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Recently I have been missing two rings...an engagement ring and a wedding band. I started working up north in Arlington, and I left my home in care of my roommate Sara. I also have another friend named Nakeya who had access to my house. There were two painters Pap and Millz who came to the house one day to paint but according to Sara they she was watching them the entire time and they didn't have access to my room. I want to believe that I misplaced them versus them being stolen but right now I don't know what to believe. This has really been bothering me because if someone close to me took them I want to know. Attached is a picture of the rings. If someone can please offer me their psychic advice I would be so grateful.


  • Hi Helpfindmissingrings,

    I don't consider myself psychic bit at times I visualize something and they happen to be correct. However, I often suspect I see little hints in my mind because they usually relate to me, i.e. my own stuff. I've seen your plea on here several times. the first time I read your plea a couch came to mind, not on top but underneath. This couch lay on a tan carpet. I see blanch wood ball feet of couch. I've seen the same scene each time I read your message. Pls. let me know if the picture I described fits a couch and carpet you might know or have seen and if the ring(s) are just near or under there.

    Good luck,

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