I'm new to this, have an unusual spread and would like others' comments on it

  • It's a Celtic Block and all cards but one are reversed. It is a difficult time for me and I would really appreciate any help, insight or guidance you can offer. (Also, the rules and etiquette page wouldn't load so if I have broken these in some way, my sincerest apologies.)

    Heart: Lovers R

    Crossed: 10 Wands R

    Below: 3 cups R

    Outgoing: Devil R

    Above: 6 cups R

    Incoming: Hierophant R

    Querent: Queen of Pentacles R

    Environment: 6 Wands R

    Hopes/fears: 4 swords R

    Outcome: 10 swords R

    The 4 below cards, left to right: Ace of Pentancles, 6 Pentacles R, 7 wands R and Strength R

  • Hi Maddelo,

    it is difficult without knowing what your question was before you pulled the cards, but from the looks of the cards it appears as though there has been some dishonesty and/or inappropriate behavior with regard to a relationship. It is coming up as a bad choice and a dead end, but the spread reflects that you are struggling to hold onto it somehow - unwilling to let go. It is an old form of security and you are repeating past mistakes. You need to reassess your priorities as it looks like this is a losing battle.



  • Tthanks, Watergirl18 helpful advice. It is very much appreciated.

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