Can I get a readying? Please please

  • I would really apriciate it if someone can give me a reading.

    I met a guy I like, but then found out he has a girlfriend. But I cannot stop thinking about him, I have a feeling about him. Usually when I hear someone ha a girlfriend I let it go, but this man.. I dont know

    So I am asking, please can I can a reading if I should forget this guy or is there any chance with us two? Does he like me at all?

    My D.O.B - 20/feb/1985 and his - 25/feb71986

    Thank you

  • BUMP

    please 🙂

  • pumping again

    anyone willing to do a reading for me?

  • hello fishyOne,

    Don't go there. Sorry.

    Empress reversed: Essentially there is nothing there for you, Nothing to nurture, grow, or develop.

    6 of Cups reversed: This guy has awoken something in you, but you have a very "naive" outlook on a (non-existent) relationship with this guy. Possible questions to ask yourself: why are you looking at this with rose-tinted glasses? Why are you focusing on unattainable men? Look to your past for answers.

    Page of Wands: Positive times are on the horizon for you, but you have to choose to go after them. Think creative, spontaneity (not impulsiveness), passion, love - all these things are out there available to you, but if you choose to stay where you are then you won't reach them.

    Love & light to you,


  • thank you so much marc

    time to get back to reality i guess 🙂

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