Captain (or other seer's) I'd love a reading for my BIG MOVE!

  • I leave Monday to move 1800 miles West from my hometown with my little girl, and a lovely fellow lady friend of mine. I am in a serious relationship, which has been wonderful in so many ways .. but I've volunteered to let that go in hopes for a better life. 🙂 Finances are tight, and my job offer is hopeful but still not fully stabilized. I'm scared as any single mom is with a big transition like this.

    Any advice or encouragement? What's the outlook? Have I taken all the possible precautions to smooth out the bumps I might find along the road?

    Thanks and God bless.

    For once I'm in high spirits when I come onto this forum!!


  • oh yes and my birtdhay is 9/15/1990. My room mate is a Capricorn circa 1989.

  • Hi, I drew some cards for you and they are favorable indeed. In fact, finances look to improve. I drew the Ace of Coins above your present situation. It seems as though your relationships are headed in right direction. The Moon is in your far past. Try to guard against illusion. Although everything is headed in right direction, it seems that you might be your own enemy, so to speak. I don't know exactly what this means--only you. Although your reading is favorable, it is telling me that your past has exposed areas that you want to change, you will become studious or introspective. In your Future self position I drew Death, which is indicating a transformation which you can acheive because in the Outcome position I drew the opposite card The Magician.

    If you have a major obstacle in your future, know that you can overcome it and become victorious. Remember, you are not in this a lone. We all have had transformations in our lives--it's how we handle them. Continue in the right path and it looks as though your finances will improve.

    Also, the Tower is in your present situation. I feel you are fine in your plans.

    This is a good time indeed for you. The cards point to a happy relationship and friends. You need to work on a transformation yourself but I feel you'll be victorious.

    That's all I can offer. I read the cards only.

  • Thanks so much, that is encouraging. I see the same cards you do, so I'm hoping for the best. I suppose my onlywrries are insecurity that I can even do this in the first place, which ia probably what makes me my own worst enemy. Thank you for your encouragement! I love hearing the Magician in the future! If I'm now experiencig the Tower, than I guess I'm okay with that because this is a reality check that I've wanted for a long time!

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