Will my Libra man come back to me? i'm so confused!

  • I'm a gemini and my ex is a libra. He is 4 yrs younger than me. We were best friends for a year before we went into a relationship. We had the relationship for a year and half..until he broke up with me. Today would be one month since it happen. Our relationship was awesome! We were crazy for each other on all levels. All of our friends saw and I saw how much he cared and loved me. They thought I changed him, cuz they never saw him treat a girl, like how he treated me. Do you understand how I felt when I heard and saw all that? Amazing, cuz I honestly thought I have found my match. We never fight cuz we dont like to fight nor do we argue. We get irritated at each other but we brush it off..then we are fine. One weekend day, we were having a great time, I thought he disrespected me in front of his roommate. I got mad, and couldnt shake it off. I accidently cursed at him (which I never did before nor would he do it to me). I decided to go upstairs to cool off. Well, I still couldnt shake it off. So, I was contemplating to leave and go home or stay at his house mad. I decided to leave..too cool off at home (which is my 3rd or 4th time). I usually do this when I get really mad, cuz i dont like to fight nor argue. I tend to over react and take things to personal, which i did in this case. But i remove myself from the environment, and sleep on it...and i'm better the next day. Well, when I went downstairs..he asked me where i was going I said home. Since I didnt see him come out to try to make me stay..I got even more mad. So I texted me "you really dont deserve me do you". Next morning, I knew I screwed up...since i didnt hear from him. I finally texted him and he said "i was way out of line". Once I explained myself..he said you are right and if we are still friends. I was confused. So we talked on the phone. He thought broke up with him that night..and got him thinking about what i texted and he agreed. So now he was breaking up with me, cuz he thinks its the best for us right now to be friends. He doesnt know whats gonna happen in a month or so from now, but nothing was gonna change his mind at that moment. When I ask him why..he told me that we were too much alike and both hard headed ppl. To me, that was not a good enough reason to break up. I treated him like gold, and we were perfect. I just dont understand..how someone that can love you so much..can let go so easily. Or how it was so perfect and end it so quickly? Im so confused..plz make me understand!

  • Give me your birthdates and I will do a compatibility anaysis.

  • As a general rule, Librans do not like any heaviness or too much seriousness in a relationship and will back away when emotions drag them down too much. I think your friend didn't like how emotional you became in this situation. Your personalities may be incompatible.

  • Anyone who loves you shouldn't be so picky with things like that. I understand and respect that some people just feel certain ways & think certain are good reason to break up but love is not that way. I dated a Libra and went in circles for months. It was a total melt down when we broke it off. I believe in saying how you feel that's how relationships grow. Did he not expect you to ever react in such a way? and how would you feel actually committing to a guy that you had to walk on egg shells with? A commitment would mean a lifetime therefore during some point you'll explode, you'll make mistakes clearly he's not up to a commitment like that. I did the same to my ex Libra and only felt even worse afterwards and continued doing it. To the point I looked like the bad guy & felt like the bad guy. So if Libra cant handle the heaviness then maybe he needs to just stay single. Don't hate yourself. Don't bottle things up for the sake of someone else.

    Believe me if you were feeling disrespected you have a right to express yourself.

    He'll probably change his mind and come back and say he was stupid for ending it over something so small. If you're important enough to him, he will.

  • I think also you are being a bit unrealistic here, Geminigrl. No relationship is perfect because we humans are not perfect. Perhaps if you opened your eyes to the weaknesses of the relationship, you would know how to repair it - or end it.

  • mine is 5/28/78 his is 10/5/82

  • I know I screwed up. I was always so tolerant about things. I just blew everything off. I think that night was just a bunch of things in the past that i stored in myself..and I just over reacted cuz i'm usually not like that at all. I miss and love him alot..I just hope he comes back and gives it a second chance. I have been giving him his space..trying not to chase him nor asking him to come back. Thats the least thing I want to do is to scare him off.

  • Im sure he will geminigirl. Be hopeful. Dont beat yourself up you stuck up for yourself some people dont.

  • Geminigrl, according to your astrological profiles, this relationship can be good for a short term love affair but it would be difficult as a marriage. This relationship is generally just fun for both of you. The emphasis is on enjoyment, but it's not that the relationship cannot get the job done - it can be extremely efficient and effective when it wants to. But when it comes to choosing the easy or hard way to do something, the two of you will much prefer the easy way, even to the extent of avoiding or ignoring problems. Loose and relaxed attitudes are highly valued here. and uptight, tense ones are eschewed.

    Your love affair or friendship is definitely pleasure-oriented. Having a good time is given top priority. Many outsiders will view your relationship as shallow and superficial but perhaps they are wrong - when two people can satisfy each other as easily and naturally as the two of you do, you must be doing something right. However, trouble will start when serious attitudes begin to emerge. Overly optimistic or idealistic relationships like this one are not really ready for trouble, and once it arises it may ruin your shared good times. Should a major disaster or two appear - financial, academic, domestic or physical - the relationship may find itself on the brink of extinction. Marriage is not recommended as it would have its fair share of woes and stress, and woes and stress are never the preferred mode for the two of you together. Unless you are both prepared to take the bad with the good, ride through some heavy storms and even suffer unsolved problems for years, you had better not live together but simply remain friends or lovers for as long as the relationship lasts.

  • I get along well with Gemini's and they are attracted to me but a friend is about all I can do with them. I find it was hard when I was younger to hold on to my identity. And I would take on the other persons likes and dislikes. We will many times always be the one to give in for the sake of having peace again. And I know a great many of Libras who are alone and spend many years that way. Sometimes being so much alike doesn't work because we dislike in someone else the very thing we don't like about ourselves.

  • Captain I apologize for hijacking a this thread but would you mind doing a reading on the two birth dates I have on another post?

  • OK.

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