Do Virgo men break up with women they love?

  • Do Virgo men get angry and dump women they truly love? After time and analyzing the situation do they ever go back to give second chances?

  • my theory on the antics of the Virgoan male is that they love new beginnings with women, the 'honeymoon' period in relationships, they love and thrive on exploring a woman's physical and intellectual being. Then, they move on to another 'new beginning', a new start for them, they are not capable of seeing anything through in a relationship because relationships can be messy and it's easier if there are new beginnings to look forward to.

    As for the second chance, believe me you won't want to......remember you are the 'new beginning'' again.

  • Thanks for this! I was actually just wondering what happened to me and my Virgo (^^HELPFUL!) He did all the pursuing, he was very insistent and consistent, and then right in the middle of getting our relationship off the ground-- BAM! He kicked me to the curb. I just tried to contact him and he is ignoring me. Frustrating.

    So I would say no, they don't really give second chances, although I'm sure there are some that do. Once they see something they don't like, I think they flee.

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