Taurus Apology

  • To all my fellow Taurus - we all know that Taurus as famous for their stubbornness, selfish, and self-righteous behavior. Taurus are also sensitive in nature as well as their hostility for getting even to others who hurt them. We oftentimes become our own worst enemy. I am taking this opportunity to apologize (eventhough I do not mean to hurt anybody) because of my bluntness and low tolerance of bullcrap.

    Special mention to: tauruscb, Taurus7, Mizgator, LivingOnAPrayer.

    Eventhough that this is a public forum, each opinions should not be taken personally and wholeheartedly. I am not a judge, you are not a judge, nobody is a judge here.

    Moral issues are moral issues, that we are all accountable for our own actions and how others see us.

    Just the same, my sincerest apologies to all of you. Peace be with you all and have a wonderful life.

  • We Taurus (or ME) don't realize what I have done or put things together until it is TOO LATE. Loving someone(that special someone) is FOREVER. I have taken my someone for granted way too long and now only wish to seehappiness for them. Its not that I let go sooo easily its just I knew I was hurting them way too much. Guess I never considered my partners feelings when deciding this, (only mine). but thinking it would be better for my partner(the quick fix). Had to sacrifice my own wants to take the stress off of them. But never the less will ALWAYS miss our time together. There can only be 1 crab for me. I hope someday they will forgive my stupidity.

    Let me just say to this person, I didn't mean to hurt you. I have alot of growing up to do. Maybe someday we can be friends.

    Take Care

  • TrustNBelieve, that was awsome, it caught my attention mabe because I'm a cancer, and only dreamed of hearing or getting that exact explanation from a taurus I loved with all my heart. It didn't exactly come that way, I've still yet to figure out what that person meant, but I really admired your statement, hopefully your crab will too:)

  • 2xoxoxo8, I have a little taurus daughter, and she always has to be right, even to the point of not making sense, it cracks me up, but I love her, she knows when shes wrong, I can see it in her face, but she just doesn't give up, I hope one day she'll channel all that stubborness into something amazing for herself.

  • Thankyou 2xoxoxo8

    I accept your apology

    Many blessings Love and light Loap:)

  • 2xoxoxo8 - Thank you!! I did my best to look into your intent for myself, I think I accomplished that. But, I know many will benefit from this. You have a lot to offer. The fact that you are a Taurus, well, I am laughing, bc now i see it!!

    One thing I have to remind myself of, when I am point blank, bottom line truthful, I can make the mistake of delivering it too harshly. That is not my intention, ever. But, others take it that way. So, I have to realize my delivery is off, even though it often confuses me as to why it is. make sense?

    So, I have to keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their journey. Their personal path of enlightenment. And on that path, I can be one of two things, I can be an eyesore or stumbling block on that path. or the sight of beauty, like a beautiful flower, or new born creature, that thing that makes a person stop, go awe and feel happy.

    I try to be latter every time.

  • Dear TrustNBelieve,

    Your comments struck me b/c my Taurus left me after only 4 months of marriage. He told everyone (not me) that we moved too fast and blamed me for pushing him into it. If only he had confided his true feeling b4 we said "I do." It would have saved soooo much heartache. 5 months after leaving, he filed for divorce even though I wanted to work it out. He said it was all about him and what he wanted and to date, he still won't speak to me about his decision or anything else.

    I don't know how you ended it with your "Special One", but in recognition of the love and respect that you once shared, it would be a very unselfish thing to at least share your feelings. It will help bring some closure. I only wish my Taurus could give me some sort of explanation and yes - a genuine apology.

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  • KN7

    You are very kind. I actually read “How to know when it is not meant to be,” just today before replying to TrustNBelieve. We knew each other 25 years ago. We were reconnected by the friend who initially introduced us. What really got my attention was that I was always on his mind and he and our friend were talking about me as a possible romantic partner only 1 week b4 I visited their city - we live 1400 miles apart. He committed to seeing me every month. He proposed after 3 months. We dated for 1 year before getting married. We were only supposed to be apart for another year until my son finished high school. Then 4 months after we wed, while visiting me, we had a disagreement. Later he told me that the wedding had been a mistake. I travelled to see him to try to work things out. It didn't go well. We haven't really spoken since then.

    I know that it will take time, but right now I am having a hard time.

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  • Thank you so much for your concern and yes, there are many more questions than answers. I will be happy to discuss this further offline.

  • MonicaP, sorry for what your going through, sounds familiar. Mabe theres not always answers, just sometimes selfishness, mabe they don't know themselves? Would anything really justify it?

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