Gemini Woman, Pisces Man; Advice or Reading please???

  • I met Pisces about a month ago. We were having a lot of fun together and one day it was just like his world

    Fell apart. He became somewhat distant and I suggested to him that we would be better off as friends

    as I felt he had some unresolved issues with his last relationship and I could not fix that for him. I would like to have a relationship with this man we still talk, but am not sure that he will ever be willing to let go of his past hurt. I am patient with him, but I am not sure that a relationship is possible beyond friendship and I don’t want to hold out for hope this could happen. Should I keep him in the friend category and move on or is there a possibility for more in the future?

  • Gem0609,

    If you can show compassion and wait for him to heal you can have a relationship with him that may be of the permenant kind. Gemini's don't always want to go to deep in emotions and usually like to keep it more mental than emotional . I believe you know yourself well enough to say that you think this should be a friendship and not intimate in any way.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader and devote some of my time here on this site answeing questions.


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