WATERGIRL, may I have a reading about this very important matter ?

  • Hello there. How are you today ? This is a very important matter. The topic is about finances.

    I just completed my test mailing for an offshore company. The office is located in Los Angeles,

    and is operating on Sunset Boulevard. The letters of my clients initials are D.G. I was told that

    if I did some work for them then I would get paid. This is a job that involved me forwarding

    them important documents via mail to help their business grow. My 30 days test period ended

    June 30th. Now I was wondering if they will stay true to their word. It is July and my payment is

    due this week. I am currently waiting for my check to be cleared and delivered to me. By the way,

    I live in the US in the SouthEastern region. Birthday is 12/19/1976

    Can you give me a date, or an estimated time when my check will come to me. This is very

    important. Please help. Thank you. <

  • Hello Zaros,

    These people have misrepresented themselves - I am sensing underhandedness, greed and smugness. Is your agreement with them in writing? You will now have to stand up to them and fight for your rights as their will be contention. Don't be fearful or let them overpower you - be firm and self-confident! Your efforts may or may not be in vain, but there are valuable lessons being learned here...faith in yourself, standing up to authority and learning to negotiate and get things in writing up front. But mostly this is about learning to trust your gut - your intuitive faculties. I think you may have had some unease about this from the get-go and knew this would be a bad investment, but ignored your feelings or failed to hear your intuition because you were in your head too much - operating strictly from ego. So fight the fight and get legal assistance if possible and definitely move on from these people.



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