PLEASE HELP , may I get a reading about this important matter today ?

  • It is very important. The topic is about finances. I just completed my test mailing for an offshore

    company. The office is located in Los Angeles, and is operating on Sunset Boulevard.

    The name of my clients initials are D.G. I was told that if I did some work for them, then I would

    get paid. This is a job that involved me forwarding them important documents via mail to help

    their business grow. My 30 days test period ended on June 30th. Now, I was wondering if

    they will stay true to their word. Its July and my payment is due this week. I am now waiting for my check to be cleared and delivered to

    me. Can you give me a date, or an estimated time when it will arrive to me. Birthday 12-19-1976.

    I am located in the US in the SouthEast region. Please help if you can. Thank you.

  • Hi. I see that the money was cut on the 3rd and it is either on it's way to you or that you have it.

    This company, the people that hired you or that are higher up on management than you are not honest people in their business dealings. You should not work for them.

    You have another job, I see and this you should keep. Make this job permant, real and grow up to a higher position.

    This other company is not higher you on a permant basis. They will give you some small money. After this no more money will come to you for the work that your would of done for them in the future. Though I recommend that you leave this company and cut all ties. They will bring your reputation down.

    I hope this happens and god bless. Is one of your siblings having a baby? Congrats!


  • This post is deleted!

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