PLEASE HELP , may I get a reading about this important matter today ?

  • It is very important. The topic is about finances. I just completed my test mailing for an offshore

    company. The office is located in Los Angeles, and is operating on Sunset Boulevard.

    The name of my clients initials are D.G. I was told that if I did some work for them, then I would

    get paid. This is a job that involved me forwarding them important documents via mail to help

    their business grow. My 30 days test period ended on June 30th. Now, I was wondering if

    they will stay true to their word. Its July and my payment is due this week. I am now waiting for my check to be cleared and delivered to

    me. Can you give me a date, or an estimated time when it will arrive to me. Birthday 12-19-1976.

    I am located in the US in the SouthEast region. Please help if you can. Thank you.

  • Zaros, I think you tend to look on the birght side of life which is good - but I also think you can be very naive and not discriminating enough. Everything that glitters is not gold. I feel these people in the off-shore company are unreliable at best, criminal at worst.

  • Zaros please tell me you did not give your checking account or ss# to this company. Companies of this type are usually scams & they will leave you broke. check your account imediately & let your bank know you might want to contact the police if your money goes missing good luck

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