• Had a dream about a Lighthouse by the sea. It was dark but saw the beam of light on the water. It was calming!

    Since then I went to my daughter and happened to see a Lighthouse on her coasters! Not to mention I needed paper towels, and what did I take, the roll with the Lighthouses on it!

    Any input? Thanks.


  • Symbolically lighthouses are a warning of danger and a ray of hope in dark times.

    So, the lighthouse might be telling you to be aware of danger signals so you can avoid the metaphorical rocks. Try to be particularly aware of your surroundings and examine a situation you are in, don't ignore warning signs!

    Alternatively, if you are going through difficult times at present this image could be a way of letting you know that you will safely navigate your way through. It could show that you will be guided to a safe harbour or that you are being asked to guide someone else through difficult times.

  • Greetings!

    Thank you for your wonderful interpretation of my dreaming of a Lighthouse!

    However, today, if you noticed Yahoo's page....there's an article on selling LIGHTHOUSES!

    Now, this is really getting to me..

    Blessed BE!

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