Would anyone have the time to do a reading for me regarding my job?

  • Hi again - and thank you very much for reading my request. Once again things have gone

    out of synch with my job. First - at the beginning of the year - my duties were changed - without explanation. After having served the same role exceedingly effectively for 15 years it was taken away from me and assigned to 2 newly hired inexperienced persons. I was stuck into doing relatively mundane, noncreative routine work. But at least I have a job. Now our union contract is up and the county is negotiating with the union and wants to make pay cuts - however, the little sector of employees in the union that belong to my own tiny group are currenly being paid 26% less than our colleagues in the private sector. This makes it very difcult to hire qualified staff. - In fact it is impossible. We are now 6 people short and must still do the same amount of work. Meaning overtime and no real days off. If I can hold out another 19 months until I turn 55, my pension is substantially more than if I have to bail now. I have a very good potential job possibility coming up but it is over an hour away. Commuing everyday really is not an option and neither is moving. I have a developmentally delaayed 10 year old at home and commutin would take 3 more hours of ime away from her every day. Moving would upset her routine and school and I would have to find new after school care for her.

    I doubt we we will receive pay raises which would allow more us to hire more staff. Should I be looking for another job? Try to stck it out for another 19 months at my preent job? Is everything going to go under and I should get out now? It's very difficult for me to see what to do or what to expect.

    Thanks a ton!!!

  • Hi Turtledust,

    This other job that is so far away I am getting will be a disappointment – unforeseen problems and conflicts and ultimately defeat. I don’t get that you really want to leave your current position, but feel you are being forced to because of the recent developments and you are disheartened by the obstacles you are facing. You want to make the right decision – a controlled reaction – but there is an undercurrent of fear, doubt and confusion at the helm at the moment. The first message I am getting is to recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and cut them off. The other message is not to allow external forces to sway you from your goal or pressure you into something you don’t want to do – follow your hunches. You are going to be getting considerable help from up above, but you must surrender the problem up to them first. Stay where you are for now and allow Spirit to manifest the solution for you. Despite the difficulties at work, they say to keep the faith and trust in them and where you are being led. Keep a positive outlook. Clear the energy of doubt and confusion by taking your mind off it and doing pleasurable things. You will be free of this oppressive situation and things will take an upward swing. I am getting financial independence or just an improvement in finances and that eventually you will be working from home.



  • Hi Watergirl - thanks so much. I have tried meditating on this issue as well as talking to

    to various sorts of people and I have to concur with your suggestion. It is time for me to just

    swim with the current and not try to push things so hard. I have already had too manu issues with the changes that have occurred. Undertaking a long commute or possibly moving

    is one more stress I don't need right now. I should try to deal with the job I have and hold onto it as long as I can - meanwhile I will continue to clear myself of both the physical and emotional

    "junk" I have accumulated. thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

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