• Please someone help me as im a new reader. I done this EX spread i found and have a problem reading the cards for myself as im too clouded by my own emotions

    1)Our past relationship history ...Knight of Swords

    2)Where i'm at now ...3 wands

    3)Where my ex is ....The hierophant

    4)What i feel about getting back together...4 coins

    5)How my ex feels about getting back together...4 cups

    6)What opposes what i want...the world (it appeared reversed and i dont use revers cards)

    7)who or what can help...6 coins

    8)Something that i should know or is hidden ...The emperess (this appears alot in my spreads regarding this relationship)

    9)outcome 5 cups

  • This Knight is on the go, here one minute and gone the next. Not wanting to stay in one place for long. Has an agenda that may not jive with yours. Nothing major. He's conservative. You want to hold on to him. He feels disappointment within himself.

    The World reversed shows you've gone through this before with this person and it is a cycle. Kindness always helps. The Empress is the supreme mother figure, nothing hidden there.

    You may not get exactly what you want but something will be left over to work on in the future.

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