Can't interpret my own cards

  • I am going through a divorce and I find whenever I am reading for myself that I am 1. getting mixed messages and 2. find myself interpreting the cards to get my own answer. I am so confused. I left my husband and now want to see if things can work. Any help would be appreciated!!

  • Hi Snowyowl,

    I did a spread for you and hope it helps. It appears as thought you've just hit an emotional slump and are fearing the future - doubting yourself and wondering if you will be able to find the fulfillment you desire. This is a normal part of the change you are going through - being in that freefall or void state inbetween major ending and beginning phases of life can be scary and reaching for something familiar brings a sense of security. As difficult or gut-wrenching as things may appear right now keep facing forward and change your thoughts about your future to positive ones. You will find love again.



  • Thank you watergirl 🙂 I appreciate your insight! Not what I wanted to hear, lol, but what I think I knew inside me.

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