Need lots of Guidance!

  • I don't know if anyone can truley help me, but any advice would be much appreciated. I recently read a disturbing article about something that happened to a love I had a few years back. I am not sure if finding the article was to let me know that he still loves me and needs me or if it was a warning to just let things go and try to move on the best I can. I am an aries and my birthday is 04/01/1976 he is a scorpio and his birthday is 11/03/1975. Please help I can't seem to make any good decisions lately.

  • If the focus of this relationship is sexual, as it often is, the combination can be dynamite. Feelings of all kinds run high here as this man tends to bring out your most aggressive instincts, and you in your turn will push him to the limits of his emotional palette. Because of the depth of this relationship's involvement, you Firesign will have to deal with many elements of the human psyche that you would prefer to avoid - jealousy, possessiveness and rage, for example. Your volcanic friend knows these emotions well and can be your teacher or guide in fathoming the deepest realms of human feeling. But if you really don't like the emotions this man brings out in you, you should keep clear away. The important point here is that where your ex-lover feels, you may prefer not to. Many Aries think that feelings get in the way of their performance, both at work and play. A love affair with your ex may put an end to your frivolity and fun times, at least for the time being, and make you confront the more serious aspects of life. Sooner or later you may come to feel that the relationship's emotions have become too demanding, and you may long to escape. Getting away from your Scorpion may not be all that easy however, and the ensuing struggle may make your bonds tighter, be they positive or negative. Aggressive and competitive drives can cause conflict between you, and destructive emotions can snowball. If it sounds like you can handle all this, well and good - but put this guy out of your mind if you cannot cope with the heavy demands and overdependency of this relationship.

  • Thank you so much for answering me. It was very helpful insight. It sounds like it would be very complicated and I am going to think about this much more before making any decisions. Thanks again!

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