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    Hi NeverFay,

    It is ok to do the tarot however you feel comforatable i often do it the way you described as it takes me time to analyze the cards . I understand some people dont like the tarot they think its e.****.i,l, or witchcraft blackmagic ive heard it all ,its just they dont understand the true spiritual meaning of what the cards can do .. Come and join me on the thread that flowsco recomended . you would be very welcome ,its a great place to ask anything about the cards and we have experienced readers over there that can help you .Hope to see you there

    Love and light Loap:)

  • I had gotten cards from a friend before about 3 years ago because she thought I would have an affinity for it. She got me a Manga deck because I am infatuated with anime, The book that came with it was not so great but it showed how to do a form of The Cross of Truth, and it was pretty neat, and I was scary good with it. At that time I had my own apartment and could do as I please my cards stayed in my purse (wrapped nicely lol) and were with me at all times. Anyway for some reason I just stopped doing it, I moved and got depressed. Now that I have moved back friends have asked for readings. I did not have any cards because the ones from before were stolen while living in Hobbs NM (The most horrid place to live ever) so my best friend bought me a deck The Gilded Tarot that had a book with it The Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw. My best friend has great intuition because I feel like these cards are part of me and actually having a book to guide me has been awesome. The only problem is that when I moved back here I had to move into my mothers basement until I save enough to get a place of my own. They are very close minded so I have to be careful. so what I do is lay out a spread and then sketch it out in my BOS then I write all the cards down wrap them up and hide them then go back and do a step by step reading. I was just wondering if it was ok to do this or taboo. Sorry for the long post lol.


    Never Fay

  • Ok. Tarot forum one o one. LOL.

    Above this topic there is an option to SAVE THIS TOPIC. Click on that and you will always be able to access it. Otherwise you will keep searching for topics that you are interested in.

    On the left there is a window that says: Show me.... Click on the arrow and you will have options to see what topics are active etc.

    Latests discussions is what is answered/active the day you get back on the forum that's why it's wise to save topics just incase you come back like months from now.

    And PS. It's Loap that wrote that....I said something else in your previous thread. 🙂

  • I am adding this link to that other thread so others can find you aswell. 🙂

  • Sorry it was LivingonaPrayer that posted that response lol Flowsco posted this one.

    Good and never be ashamed of what you feel you need to know. It's your decision to do whatever in life. And yes, you will encounter a great deal of people that doesn't or want to understand your need that you presently have.

    Whenever something get too much in life you just take a step back and take a overal view and make the next choice that is good for you.

    Not everything is set in stones. 🙂

    Ok now I will quit posting LOL

  • Awesome thank you for the help!!!

  • oh and sorry I noticed that after I posted it.... *shakes head this is the first time I have ever done the whole forum thing.

  • No prob.

  • Hi NeverFay,

    Click on the link at it will take you to the learning circle

  • Thank you

  • That link was amazing thank you

  • I was just about to log off. From now on you can reply or ask anything there.

    PS. I don't be on here much so you lucked

    Take care,

    Bye Flow

  • Wow I did get lucky thank you so much

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