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  • I know it sounds dumb being 26 and having to hide things from family but is it ok that I do a spread write all the cards down in my journal and then pick up the cards??

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  • Perhaps you can join this group and place your question there.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you

  • Sorry about that

  • Hi NeverFay,

    It is ok to do the tarot however you feel comforatable i often do it the way you described as it takes me time to analyze the cards . I understand some people dont like the tarot they think its e.v.i,l, or witchcraft blackmagic ive heard it all ,its just they dont understand the true spiritual meaning of what the cards can do .. Come and join me on the thread that flowsco recomended . you would be very welcome ,its a great place to ask anything about the cards and we have experienced readers over there that can help you .Hope to see you there

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you so much I posted the same question after going to the link that was posted and I will be over there from now on lol.

  • Good and never be ashamed of what you feel you need to know. It's your decision to do whatever in life. And yes, you will encounter a great deal of people that doesn't or want to understand your need that you presently have.

    Whenever something get too much in life you just take a step back and take a overal view and make the next choice that is good for you.

    Not everything is set in stones. 🙂

  • Hi NeverFay ,

    Its ok about posting twice dont worry you will soon get the hang of it Welcome to tarot sorry i didnt realise that you are a newbie you will meet many beautiful people here on the forum . I totally agree with Flowsco but i know its hard when its your own family . How long have you been doing cards ?

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