I keep seeing 352

  • I've been seeing 352 for at least 7 years now. I've been reading about the numbers individually to see what they mean, but I'm not really sure. Maybe I should add them all together. Does 10 mean something or is it just 1?

  • Mizgator,

    You should add it up, study the compound number and the single digit.

    Whenever a number is followed by "0" it is amplified.

    Some consider the "0" to be God, and it represents the divine protection from the source.

    The number 10 is success achieved after hard struggle.

    The 10 cautions you of hidden enemies, and warns you against co dependency, or dependence on others, as this will cause problems.

    Essentially the 10 is ruled by the Sun, which will bestow honor, faith, self confidence, name/fame.

    There is also a need to dazzle and show off one's intelligence with this 352 number sequence.

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

  • Wow thanks Mark....I've never heard this before! I need to look more into the number 10! I've been missing out!

  • Hi Mizgator,

    352 from Doreen Virtues Angel number book means ,

    Have faith that the changes your are experiencing and considering bring great blessings into your life . Trust in yourself and the ascended masters to navigate through this transition with ease and harmony

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thank you LivingonaPrayer. That seems like a pretty cool book you've got there!

  • Your very welcome Mizgator .

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