• I had a dream about a Lighthouse by the sea with the light beaming on a calm water. Since then, I looked on my daughter's table and the coasters had LIGHTHOUSES on them!

    I needed a roll of paper towels and pulled out a roll with LIGHTHOUSES on it! What are the chances of that?

    Any input?


    BLessed Be.


  • What situation of yours needs to have more light (information and clarity) cast on it?

  • Did you notice the article on LIGHTHOUSES on Yahoo today? This is really getting to me!!!

    Blessed BE,


  • Do you have a lighthouse in your life - something that saves you from crashing onto the rocks? Or are you somebody else's lighthouse? Since the lighhouse was surrounded by calm seas, I suspect your subconscious is trying to reassure you that you are on track and that everything will turn out OK.

  • Greeting!

    Again, my friend thank you for your gracious input! To answer your question if I have a lighthouse in my life...NO!

    I use to read the tarot before I went through all the paranormal activity after my pet passed of cancer. I've seen things that people would say I was going crazy...NOT! There is indeed other phenomonom that we can not see or touch in this world.

    It would be too much for me to go into, but, I think I asked you a few questions concerning my experiences with the unseen. For one, I asked a question about my dog's missing blanket. Never found it. When I moved I had the opportunity to look into everything..that blanket to date has NOT been found. I'n in Florida now and have 2nd rescue.

    This is puzzleing me to no end..



    P. S. Because of what I went through, I NO longer read tarot or do any readings...there is a HIGHER SOURCE...

  • Perhaps spirit is trying to prevent you holding on too much to the memory of your former pet by hiding his blanket. It could be a message about letting go. You have your happy memories - why do you need that blanket?

  • hI!

    I don't need the blanket...I can't believe it just disappeared!! That blanket has been missing since DEC of 2009. I would like to thank you for your time in answering my questions.

    Its the Lighthouses that are buggin me now...

  • The lighthouses aren't meant to puzzle you, just to reassure you that spirit and your guides are watching over you. Don't analyse things too much.

  • THAnks AGain!!!

    Blessed BE!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Still seeing LIGHTHOUSES!! I just can't believe this!

  • Maybe you have been having doubts that the Universe is really looking out for you?

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