Dear TheCaptain, need your insight...

  • Dearest TheCaptain, I'm back and in need of your advice. I've been dating this man for 5 months now and we've hit a wall. We both deeply care and adore each other, but, he's incapable of giving me any kind of commitment at this point. We're taking some time off to think about us, I guess...Is there hope for us or are we better off as friends? His birthdate is: 1/12/1974. Mine is: 7/11/80.

  • Astrology predicts that this relationship is more parent-child than an equal love match, making it bad for marriage or long-term prospects. Your love affair is unlikely to develop very far. A rough ride will be had here and much friction will be generated between you, although friction can also be warming sometimes. Neither of you likes to play the role of 'second fiddle' as you both have powerful but completely opposite personalities, so it would be sensible if you chose to operate in two different arenas of expertise - in the same arena, you will fight. You Ocean may feel a bit threatened at times by your partner's fearlessness and he for his part can be unsettled by your sharp insights into his character. Marriage will not be as rewarding as it could be with someone else, and its consequence may not just be unproductive but destructive. The two of you are both consummate role-players and this would not be a very honest, understanding or sharing relationship.

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