LB has officially lost her mind...

  • A quick summary of the crazy things that have happened to me.

    Friday: I had an amazing meditatosize at the gym in the morning. (That's my new term. Meditate while exercising haha) I frequently ask my animal guide, Cat, to join me when I mediate. But maybe she's on vacation, because who appears but Spider. And he's sitting on my shoulder. I've been dealing stomach issues so I focus on my stomach, trying to clear out any negative stuff. And suddenly, Spider is crawling into my mouth. And does circles in my stomach, lining it with web.

    Sat: I take a nap and have this bizarre rather sinister dream,but wake up with this idea to make a blog, where to host it, and a completely original name for it. As I wake up,I hear the name and this website I know next to nothing about. How crazy is that?

    So yes,very interesting weekend.

  • Thats cool LB- 🙂 That would have freaked me out though, I am kind of afraid of spiders, without meaning to be but, i am glad you got some good experiences from this.

    Love you hugs Bee Xx

  • lb you have not lost it you have found something not sure what but go with & let us know

    and never kill a spider in your home catch and let it go superstition has it if you kill a spider in your home it will bring bad luck lol

  • Spider, the animal that teaches us how to create. How to weave your dreams into being 🙂

  • Oh Great Kuddha, and what your dreams may be ?

  • OH MY GEEEEEEE Seehorse, that is sooooo my next tattoo!!!!!

    I'm thankful I've made my peace with Spider, that's for sure. I could tell last night, I was watching a TV show and there was a scene where a bajillion spiders came pouring out of the wall. And while I jumped, I didn't have to close my eyes and feel that heebie jeebie creepy crawley skin feeling. Liberation is a beautiful thing!

    Thanks for the support, I was feeling a a nutter really. 🙂

  • There's nothing wrong with being a little crazy ! Hey i think i've seen somewhere your dob's first days of october so your Egyptian Sign is Bastet. No wonder you like cats !!

  • Seriously?? That's AWESOME!! So much makes sense now, and everyday something comes a little clearer 🙂

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