Captain, help needed please x

  • Dear Captain,

    I'm a capricorn (5th Jan 72) and my aries boyfriend (17th April 1974) are doing nothing but argue, mostly over the same subjects each time.

    We love each other but it is getting us both down. We had our last arguement on Thursday and now he is giving me the silent treatment. How do I handle this silent treatment, What can I do to resolve this and to stop all these arguements and try and understand him better?

    We got together 17 April 2010.

    Many thanks,

    Carmen xx

  • Carmen, this relationship can work for a longterm commitment but it needs time and effort on BOTH your parts. Firm guidelines and wroking operational structures must be established here in order for your lives together to flow smoothly. Any weaknesses in the relationship must be exposed, worked through and repaired. Ignoring difficulties or sweeping them under the table will only make things worse in the long run. The strengths of the relationship are its poterntial for improvement and its trusting nature. Its weaknesses are its conflicts, unrealistic

    attitudes, and hard-headedness or stubborness. You must sit down and talk these issues through - a dead silence won't do anything but worsen the situation.

    A Capricorn who fixes on an Aries for a partner will usually win out, no matter how unfortunate the choice. The question is really whether any structure or shape can be given to a relationship in which you Carmen basically just want to tuck your partner away somewhere for your own private satisfaction - a cause of turmoil, for your partner is not very 'tuckable', and will want to be socially in the eye of things. You have to give him room to be himself and live freely. The best answer is usually to legalise the relationship, giving it a more tangible stable form that will make you relax a bit. Marriage can succeed here, since both of you will usually be too busy with your own interests and careers to bother each other unduly. Children may not be recommended for you two unless you can decide beforehand who will take care of them.

  • Thank you so much captain, we are both stubborn, and even though I have tried to reach out this weekend with calls and texts I think I will just have to go to his house and in a non confrontational way try and sort it all out. Many thanks, Carmen xx

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