Help with my aries man please x

  • I'm a capricorn (5 Jan 72) and my aries boyfriend (17 April 1974) are doing nothing but argue, mostly over the same subjects each time.

    We love each other but it is getting us both down. We had our last arguement on Thursday and now he is giving me the silent treatment. How do I handle this silent treatment, What can I do to resolve this and to stop all these arguements and try and understand him better?

    We got together 17 April 2010.

    Many thanks,

    Carmen xx

  • Hello Carmen39,

    You have a stubborn boyfriend whom wants things his way and for good reason, he is going to be the boss (leader) . I know in return for you turning the other cheek , yet standing your ground when needed. That he will be devoted and generous with you.

    Aries need a challange and the Chappie can sure give it to them and keep them interested along the way in which I feel you are doing. You are argueuing other the same things other again because he just is not going to do it any other way dear, and if you can devise a plan to detour him mentally into doing it a better way , you see I used the word better, than BINGO he just may do it. Love will keep you togeather, but keep the mental thinking cap on to best this Stubborn Kind Of Loving Fellow.


  • Shuabby thank you very much for your post.

    You are correct in saying he wants things his way. I shall try the different approach you have suggested.

    Thanks again,

    Carmen x

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