S.O.U.L Circle July 3th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • "swimming through my chakras" that sounds a little like Kundalini awakening doesn't it ? But Marc's insight seems on the spot ! (or on the pulse lol whatever)

  • I've missed out the last few sessions first with being sick and then consumed with thoughts. I hope that the group continues to have success hoping to reconnect soon. I could use some extra energy in the coming weeks if you have it in your to share with this poor old soul. Keep up the good work.


  • Sure thing RC, just be there next sunday !

  • I was nuclear blasted with energy, I've got some to spare ^_^

    See, you are finding the best pics!

    Feminine medicine, hmmm? My plans are to start pursuing more traditionally feminine past times, my blog is The Steamy Eyed Seamstress, going to chronicle my projects and show how a noob gets it done hehe. Good stuff!! I love me some Otter!!! (Not to be confused with beaver, See, that was for you 😉 haha)

    I've met a really wonderful lady, and we spent hours on Sunday chattering about spirituality and such. I think I may have found my outlet to share and pour out some of my weekly re-fill. Has anyone else thought about it since, two Sundays ago? Even if it's one person at a time, we can find gentle ways to plant seeds of truth. Not talking about going door to door and handing out pamhlets, but just dropping little seeds in conversation. Sometimes you get a response sometimes you don't. I constantly talk about energy and how we wield it to people. Some people are like O_O others are like What do you mean? So anyways, we don't have to get all Bible bashy, but I think some people might have it right about sharing a message. Afterall, Jesus went around sharing a message. I think a lot of religious groups missed the point of his message, but, I would have never known about the I AM if it hadn't been for a dear friend sharing with me. Not everyone will be ready, but maybe this seed will bloom later in life, or in the next lifetime. As the old Sunday-school sing-along goes, "Hide it under a bushel, NO! I'm gonna let it shine!"

  • Hey LB- thats cool, glad your feeling good now, 🙂 im working on it slowely, but i am getting there now anyway, Hey RC, hope you feel good soon. Hugs and love Bee Xx

  • 🙂 "Has anyone else thought about it since, two Sundays ago?" Think about what ? lol i'm stoopid.....

  • LOL- seehorse, that is funny. 🙂 Heheh

  • How we all seemed to be distracted and a little fuzzy on reciving/seeing. Not this past Sunday but last Sunday.

  • Hello all,

    Sorry I missed out on Sundays meditation as I was away and sleeping in after a long night catching up with my sister.



    Seehorse, that is totally hilarious!

    Hi to you, Little Buddha, Ibelieve, Lotus Princess, MyJourney, and anyone else I missed.

    Blessings to all of you! RC hope you are feeling better soon.



  • Gjay,

    I just think I gained an important insight from you post about knowing vs. Fifth. Thank you...I hope this is one of the grains of sand I have been seeking. I always viewed faith as believing in something you can't see...the unknown...but maybe that is a limiting view as you expressd. My intuition guided me to see what I might have overlooked... Thank you.

    Love and light,


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