S.O.U.L Circle July 3th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Colors : Green, Light Blue, Orange, Yelow, Purple, Red. Animals : Eagle, Bear, Snake, maybe Salamander not sure. Pyramid. Letter Omega ( Ω ) . Hands raising by themselves as in meeting other's. Intense tingling on palms, slight burning sensation on left palm. Energy coming up the hands towards shoulders a i drew breath. Intense feeling at Root Chakra, tingling between soulder blades and ears. Ok for now, maybe alzheimer brain remember more later go for a smoke lol. Hope everybody had a great experience !

  • Hey see horse, thanks for posting that. got some tingle on the hands, and shoulders n head area

    Some intense feelings at the root too. 🙂 felt like a lot of people where holding my hands lol cause there was a lot of tingling. not sure about the colours of images, but some sensations there. and peaceful feeling, of course. Love n light Bee Xx

  • Hi folks, Iwas in and out actually because we had a visitor who turned up at exactly 4pm, I knew that would happen so it was no surprise when she came. My colour was yellow, vibrant yellow, like a flower, and my animal was the wolf which follwed me around and would not get out of the way, and a snake. I felt a sense of unity and someone must have sent energy and peace because I got a really warm feeling inside and was calm, it was lovely considering I had been quite uptight just before. And I saw the lotus flower. And a campfire.

    I was able to connect through making tea and entertaining our guest, it was really quite easy, I was a bit absent I suppose but I could feel you connecting.

    Hugs to all


  • Damn my alzheimers brain i knew i forgot something ! I too saw the lotus flower should've remembered but really wanted that smoke lol oh man Paddi also seen colors and animals Princess Root Chakra this is real people ! Hey LB you glow or what ?!

  • That's cool paddi. and see horse with the Lotus 🙂 is cool you guy's got something. i felt a couple of things but not much this time 🙂 still practising though.

    Love n light Bee 🙂

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was actually up! yay :), its 7am here and my only day off 🙂 and after almost 2 months of lots of company and traveling I'm so happy to be up and back in spiritual company here.

    I really like how Ibeleive pulls an Angel card so I decided to go find my old ones. I pulled Patience, haven't looked at them in years and I kind of knew it would be patience for some reason?? So anyway I meditated on patience, then felt I needed to add love, and then healing too. Oh when I first got up about a half hour before prayer time I heard music in my right ear, only the right ear, I thought it was a flute or something like it, it was just a second and really surprised me. I didn't really experience too much and only lasted about 10 minutes but I think I felt everyone, some tingling in my hands and some kind of feeling between my shoulder blades. Its cool picturing all of us all over the world connecting and sending healing energy out into the world.

    Thanks to everyone for this group. Lots of Love and Light 🙂 GJay

  • Colour blue, tingling/burning in right palm. Lots of energy around my head and ears. And the light we were giving off... Wowsers!

    This video, from around 5:07 (to 5:13) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ok-ANnAGWc

  • That's cool Gjay, i always play music in my meditations- mostly they r mantras, that has some flute music, as they are very calming and relaxing, but could be someone else here too. 🙂

    Patience is what i am needing at the moment too. think i am trying to expect too much to soon, without wanting too at the same time. lol and glad you joined in.


    PH- I am also glad you took part too, thanks. loving everyone's experiences 🙂

    Love n light Bee Xx

  • I copied this awhile back and I think its very cool 🙂

    Faith Ends Knowing Begins

    We have waited eons of time to witness this event and it is a joyous time for many who bear witness to this change in the energetic architecture of our planet already. We have an incredible opportunity now and this year to experience what it means to be free. It is the freedom of living as a Light Heart , confirmed in our direct relationship to God and Christ, knowing that we are beyond faith and reunited with our true knowing. True knowing requires a cellular recognition of your direct experience to feel, sense and be merged with the Living Light Intelligence. With True Knowing , faith is not required as your faith is limited to mental beliefs, your knowing radiates the luminescence of your eternal life throughout your body. Once the inner light is illuminated, it overrides all need for mental constructs, beliefs, and intermediaries telling you what is right and what is wrong in the way to connect to God Spirit.

  • That's cool Gjay- thanks for sharing, I have read that b4 too, always like those kind of things, and way of thinking lol- 🙂

  • Hey LotusPrincess 🙂 I love your new name! Lots happening since I've been gone. I bet it was your music...thats so cool! Yea I love hearing everyone's experiences too. I think this is powerful and fun too.

  • Yes, thank you. i like it too. I agree i am always looking forward to others experiences too. 🙂

    im trying not too push anything with me when meditating, as i am doing it during the week too.

    but i definitely feel some connection today. it was powerful, and enjoyable. what have you been up too?, lots been going on here too. as you can see with the name change lol.

    Love you Hugs Bee Xx

  • Hi everyone!

    Paddi, I saw a snake too! I was envisioning myself sitting on my front steps meditating, and felt something on my leg, looked down, snake sank his fangs into my leg, no feeling, then it morphed into a weird sort of color-non-color type thing, not really blue, not really yellow, not really red, but a weird combo of them all that seemed sorta, kinda, but not really all of them. It was strange.

    I felt tingling in my hands too, SeeHorse, arms, and felt like I was holding hands with people. I could feel the energy flowing, it was an awesome, powerful feeling. I was fasting when we started, so maybe that intensified the effect for me......

    GJay, the Patience card resonates with me. I have had my troubles with needing a new home and finances to obtain it, and I have been really impatiently expecting it to resolve NOW! My fears of being homeless with my children are fueling this, and the word Patience is probably what i need to hear right now. Thanks!

    I am a bit perturbed, my children chose this time to get noisy and bumping around while i was trying to focus, they really kept my distraction level at a high, but I had a few good moments as you all see. think i will try outside again next week.

    I am really grateful to be able to do this with all of you each week, It gives me something great to look forward to and I feel a connection with people that it is sometimes hard to feel with the hustle and bustle of life in particular. And for a time, I can stop thinking of my present situation and the worries coming with it. That is HUGE for me!

    Blessings and a BIG HUG for all of you. Have a great day and all that great stuff.


  • Hey Sunshine- Good experiences overall then, i am glad that more people are taking part- this is good. 🙂 i knew there was more people than last time- the connection felt bigger too.

    I am going out later, but will be back to check up on others updates too- Sunshine, i hope you find a home for you n your kidz, I am sure you will, and things will be Okay. 🙂 Hugs n Love Bee Xx

  • Thanks Lotus Princess,

    I need all the assurance I can get, it is scary to not really be settled anymore. I am just absolutely incredulous that not only haven't i found a home, but my finances are totally off the deep end! Go figure. But i am looking for the situation to get better, and thanks for the encouragement.

    You have a wonderful day and week!



  • Namaste,

    I had a late start, but connected much better this week.

    OK, as you were all seeing animals, i saw little flying bugs lol...maybe someone can help with that one! Colors i saw, red,orange...of course bright white lights...no tingling..felt at peace, the first time in months..thank you, all of you!.I'm in a rush, hope to chat more soon:)

    Love and Light



    Hang in there sister Sunshine, hope your mom is continuing her healing process

  • Hey Sunshine- That is Okay, Hang in there as MJ says and it will work itself out in the end.

    Glad you connected with us today My Journey shee- Well little flying bugs, i am not sure on that one, though i do have moths, and flies, around in my room at the moment, kind of bugging me out during my meditations too. Though not alway's. I dunno just a suggestion. 🙂 Love the feather picture.

    Love n Hugs Bee Xx

  • I have to tell you I have had the weirdest experiences the past few days, but I'll limit myself to today and start a separate thread for the others. First I'd like to thank you for sending me healing. I totally felt it, and for hours after!

    Now, I may have been on some kind of crack, but this is what happened to me. For days now I've been asking for my Cat to join me when I meditate, but others have responded. (other thread) Today, Otter joined me. And here's the crazy part. I was petting him hello, and he starts kinda nibbling my fingers.Oh cute,right? Now comes the crack induced part. Otter proceeded to eat my left arm, clear through to the right shoulder! But it wasn't gone, just as fast as he ate it, it was back. After that point on, my left arm tingled.

    Onwards into the meditation, you all nearly bowled me over sending me light and healing. I was literally twitching from how much was coming my way. It was so beautiful, the light enveloping me. And when I was at the gym, there was a moment where I felt this amazing lightening feeling. Like grains of sand were lifting up and out.

    So, another Otter moment. Strange but I pictured him swimming through my chakras and as he passed through each, it was as if... well picture exploding sand in water, it looked like that. Just debris flying free from my chakras.

    Well, I'm sure you all think I'm mad now. Just wait until you read the other thread.

  • Hey LB- glad you feel good now, and had some interesting experiences, that is great. maybe you were glowing on the inside instead of the outside. cool about the otter thing, but scary too, about him biting your shoulder, why are there a lot of biting animals at the moment, Kind of weird, and random.

    if you ask me, but ah well. guessing that is something normal for you guy's 🙂 Glad you got something good out of this. Love n hugs Bee xX

  • You scare too easily LP. Learn to let go.

    Otter is the totem for woman medicine. Our left side is traditionally thought of as the feminine/yin/receptive side. I'd interpret it as Otter "devouring" all the negative stuff inside of you, clearing a path through your female side for you to be more receptive to what life is about to offer you 🙂

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