Cancer man, gemini woman

  • im a cancer male, and recently, made aquantance with a gemini woman on the internet. i was not looking for anything, then one day we were exchanging messages, and she wanted me to call her. we talked for hours. everything we talked about was great. it was uncanny how much we really have in common. she told me a lot about herself, and i shared a lot with her about myself, things i have been through, stories. she listened well and i listened to her. i was really pretty surprised i had never tried talking to a gem before, because things were just clicking really well.

    now, i have a venus in gemini, which i hear is compatible with gemini, and a mars in leo, which gives me some strong leo traits. i cant remember what her venus or mars is, but i will look it up again. we also both share the same chinese sign, which is the rat. so these weird combinations seem to be pushing us together.

    now things were pretty smooth for a while, and i really enjoyed her conversation. it was always fun, if she had a problem she would call me first for advice, like when friends abused her friendship and lied to her about something, she checked with me to see if i thought the same thing. i always gave her space and she would come back often to talk to me. calling out of the blue with a happy voice, asking what i was doing, what i had planned, etc. sometimes she would drop little innuendos that she wanted more than friendship, like admitting she wanted another child, or turning food into something slightly risque (like swirled ice cream) and my responses were positive, but mysterious. she asked me if i liked her and i said yes. everything was moving along great.

    then yesterday, she woke me up, which was fantastic, and even though it took me a while to shake out the cobwebs and wake up, she did it right. she didnt push me or call me lazy, but said she would call back, so i went about my business. i had such a good morning because of her inspiration i had to tell her. but for some reason she was confused. i tried to explain, but she didnt get it. i told her i probably looked silly getting out of bed when she called, and she said i bet, then i made my own little innuendo and she was confused more. so i just let it go and went back to my business.

    later she texted me and asked me how she woke me up right, and i tried to explain again.

    later on i was watching a show in the background while busy, and it was about human DNA, so because i was fascinated by the show i texted her about it. she wanted to know what and why. i said it was not like csi even thoug i would like to give her a sample, it was not that, it was something else. and she replied with "retarded LMAO!!!" so i laughed and then she asked me why i laughed, and i said because she did. well then she said she was confused again and got real quiet. so the last text i sent her was "the last thing i want to do is confuse you, so when you have the time, just call me back and let me know how i confused you"

    i left it at that.

    i went out, had a good time and came home. now i find out she wishes i was there, but why wont she tell me? i found out second hand.

    she has not called for several hours, not like her at all, and i kinda doubt she will call with the same enthusiasm tomorrow, if at all.

    now i know im suppose to be mysterious, a puzzle for her to solve, and so far thats what i do best, but with this whole confusion matter, im wondering: if she doesnt call me tomorrow, what should i do? do like i have been doing and stay away? dont text or call? or take a chance and call anyway?

    my instinct says give it time, she has other issues to work out and will be back, but the other half says, she might just run away and find consolation elsewhere because she didnt expect to have feelings like she does, and the feelings are so strong and confusing she has to think about it.

    anyway, im just rambling, but i feel better getting this off my chest.

  • In a male's chart, his Venus represents what kind of woman he is attracted to, so it makes sense that you would be attracted to this woman since her Sun is in Gemini. However, with your Sun being in Cancer, your Suns are semi-sextile so that could cause some major issues. Your egos/core personalities are searching for completely different things, so there would be some major adjustments you would have to make in order for this pairing to work.

    Also, there seems to be consistent failure of communication (which may not necessarily be your fault) in your relationship. Communication is extremely important to Geminis, so this may be causing warning signs in her head. Also, the fact that she said, "retarded LMAO" to something you mentioned about something that you were really enjoying had to wound your ego a little bit and, if so, you probably took it to heart. This would constantly happen if you were to pursue a romantic relationship with this woman.

    All-in-all, I don't see this relationship going anywhere further than friendship but that's just my opinion. I don't know your entire chart and I don't know her entire chart, either - I'm basing my opinion on what you said. I wish you the best of luck on finding the right woman for yourself. =D

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