Possible vacation outcome? Reading please!

  • Hello,

    In about a week, I will go off to the Mexican riviera on a cruise. I am somewhat excited, but I'm nervous about what's ahead.

    My plans for this vacation are to let loose, but to also make some friends and maybe even find a cute guy to keep me occupied.

    Basically, are any of my plans going to work out during this vacation? am I going to make some good friends? am I going to meet a really great guy to spend the week with? what's the outcome of this vacation?

    thank you so much. I hope you are having a great start to your summer. 🙂

  • Please someone? I would really appreciate your talents! 🙂

  • Sweetie....it's a VACATION. You are just supposed to RELAX, ENJOY and GO WITH THE FLOW!

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