New Job - now I start loosing things

  • I started a new Job at the begining of the Year. As part of my job is the setup our new school's IT requirments and transition to the new site from our exisitng 4 sites. Over the past 3 months I have managed to loose my reading glasses and case, as well as a set of keys. Since I have visited all four sites and the new site I am at a loss as to where these items could be. Before we move to our new site in a month I was hoping that these items may be found. Can anyone help me?

  • This situation reveals you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the requirements of your new job and the changes you are trying to adapt to, even if you don't recognise this consciously. Losing your glasses indicates a desire not to see what is going on or to retreat from it for some time out to get your thoughts in order. Losing keys indicates a deep inner feeling of not wanting to enter a building or place. You may need some quiet time to get yourself together and acclimatize to the changes in your life. Take it easy, relax more, and see if the lost items turn up.

  • Thanks TheCaptain

    I started this week with an extended holiday, had monday off, before moving to our new site. Feeling more refreshed and positive about the new site. Time will tell if the glasses and keys appear.

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