Can I have a reading focused on love life?

  • Hi,

    I'm new to this site so I'm not sure exactly how it works. However, I would love a reading focused on my love life. Will I find true love in the future? If so could you tell me when and/or who? Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated!

    My bday is May 2, 1982 and I was born in Miami, Fl at 10:11am!

  • Should this question be posted in the Psychic forum? I'm not sure if Tarot cards can answer this for me as it's too specific.

  • Hi Mizgator,

    What's coming through for me is that something is blocking you - have you been sitting at home or socially isolating yourself in some way? It looks like there may be a past relationship you are still holding on to and need to release or you are just immersed in negative thoughts about being able to find someone. There may be an internal issue of self-worth that needs to be brought to the surface and resolved - becoming whole first, but what's coming through the most is your thought pattern and your anxiety - wanting it NOW. You must clear this negative energy - any judgments about yourself or the situation or any other negative thought patterns and rejuvenate yourself - get out of the house, socialize, do things with friends. Sign up for a cooking class or something that will bring you into contact with new people as well as get you out of your head. Remain positive! Visualize what you want and experience the FEELING of already having it and operate from that level. Restore your faith in the future, yourself - that you are worthy of love, and in the workings of the Universe...release your anxieties or any impatience you are feeling and surrender to Divine Will/Timing and you will get what you want.



  • Thank you watergirl18. I know that I am constantly having negative thoughts about being able to find someone. I am totally my own worse enemy. I do get out and socialize more than I used to, but definitely not as much as i should. When I do go out it's usually with a a guy friend of mine and most likely people think we are together. So, we could be blocking each other from finding someone! I'm definitely anxious about it happening soon. I guess I never really thought I'd be 30 and not married with kids! it's funny that you mention signing up for a cooking class b/c a couple of weeks ago I was looking for those type of classes to get into! It seems like i'm really just in a battle with my mind in this matter. I need to change the way I think. Thanks soo much for your response and advice!

  • Your love life will blossom with you quit being too stubborn and when you stop giving away conditional love.

  • *if you quit

  • Mizgator - Cooking class! Yes! That suggestion was "inserted" in my brain out of nowhere - this is how I get my messages and I tend to fight with them because they literally do feel from out of nowhere and "foreign", but I decided to put it in there anyway. And definitely stop going out with just one guy friend (lol) as that will totally keep other interested parties at bay 🙂 The main part of the message was just to clear out the negative thinking and get yourself out there - shine your light - and what you want will find you.



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