How do you handle a reading on someone else's relationship or thoughts?

  • Say, for example, someone you love has dropped out of your life and gone to someone else, and you want to know how they feel about you and whether or not the relationship they've entered into is going to work, and whether or not they'll be back. I'm always confused about how to do a reading from that point of view. Do you interpret the cards as the reality of their relationship or the other's feelings in terms of how you would/will feel about it? Do you interpret it as if you're reading for a client, and can you do that when there isn't actually another person putting energy into it asking you this? How do you phrase questions?


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Same problem as you Leonessa and PPrryia, but I can never seem to stop myself from doing the readings anyway....just to see what comes up, lol. I realize that the reading is being affected by my attitude at the time. Reading into it what I need/want to see, rather than remaining objective.

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